Janet Biehl on “Bookchin’s Trotskyist Decade, 1939-1948″

The Platypus Review has just posted a fascinating new article by Janet Biehl, excerpted from her forthcoming biography of Murray Bookchin, titled “Bookchin’s Trotskyist Decade, 1939-1948.” The piece offers a highly  engaging review of Bookchin’s early years as a labor militant, beginning with his disavowal of Stalinism at age 18. As a young revolutionary during and after World War 2, Bookchin was drawn to the Socialist Workers Party as a potential carrier of the revolutionary [...]

“The Day After Hurricane Sandy”

An exceptional review of the personal and political aftermath of the recent superstorm, written by the inimitable Nicholas Powers of  New York City’s Indypendent newspaper:

Some excerpts:
New Yorkers solemnly nodded when told about Gotham’s climate refugees. They were victims whose homelessness was not their fault. But beneath the sympathy were long lines of angry people at gas stations, angry apartment dwellers who ate cold food in the dark, families piled on top of each other in small rooms. [...]

New Book & website: Public Health and Social Justice

From Martin Donohoe, a Portland, Oregon medical doctor and long-time supporter of efforts to expose the hazards of GMOs:
His website contains a vast archive of articles, slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in more than 30 key areas of public health and social justice.

Regarding Dr. Donohoe’s book, Dr. Paul Farmer (University Professor and Chair, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; [...]

New writing on utopias

ISE alum Karl Hardy has edited a special issue of the literary journal Puerto del Sol, focusing on the theme of Utopias!.

This special issue (47.2 Fall 2012) features original poetry and prose as well as a ’roundtable’ Q&A with:
Kim Stanley Robinson – author of acclaimed utopian novels including The Three Californias, Mars, and the Science in the Capitol series. He also edited the anthology Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias.
Jacqueline Dutton – author of “‘Non-Western’ Utopian Traditions” in The Cambridge [...]

New book: “Recovering Bookchin”

New Compass Press, based in Norway, has just announced the publication of Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time, written by Sheffield Hallam University (UK) Senior Lecturer, Dr. Andy Price. New Compass describes the rationale for this book:
Through an extensive body of political and philosophical ideas he called social ecology, Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) elucidated one of the first intellectual responses to the ecological crisis. However, over the last two decades of his life Bookchin’s ideas slipped from [...]

Municipalist campaign in Finland

A new post on the New Compass website describes the campaign of several municipal candidates in northern Finland who are running as part of a broader “Free Left” alliance.  The article is an interview with Svante Malmström, who attended the ISE during the mid-2000s.  Svante states that the group’s program
… states that the decision-powers should be brought back to the citizens. It demands the establishment of neighbourhood assemblies with real power. It also calls for the initiation of a participatory [...]

New blog from ISE alum Andrea del Moral

From the lead essay, The ateneu of me, at

The what? you ask.

An ateneu is a community center-café-bar-meeting room-dance hall-library-theatre-gymnasium rolled into one. Ateneus dot the city of Barcelona, and like the lively, layered city itself, they are filled with multiple activities and people of many ages. Unlike Barcelona, they’re often visually uanssuming places, arising in the nooks of neighborhoods wherever space lends itself.


We recommend the latest tour de force of reporting and analysis by Jerome Roos of ROAR Magazine. Titled "Beyond Occupy: Liberating Ourselves From Debt Slavery," Roos' essay examines the evolution of the Occupy movement in the context of the evolving global uprising against monopoly capitalist domination of our lives.

Seven Left Myths about Capitalism

G. B. Taylor is a former student and long-time supporter of the ISE, currently living in Berlin. Comments and discussion are appreciated:
7 Left Myths about Capitalism

G.B. Taylor
Occupy Wall Street has renewed hope for a left political renaissance by challenging economic inequality and the neoliberal discourse that legitimated it, and reintroducing the word capitalism to political debate. The “greed” of the “1%,” counterpoised to the hardworking, rule-abiding 99%, has emerged as the dominant political frame of OWS. Rhetorically [...]

Rethinking nature and culture

ISE board member Eleanor Finley recommends this interview with philosopher and Rice University literature professor, Timothy Morton. In his new book, The Ecological Thought, Morton examines prevailing assumptions about nature and culture in mainstream society and ecological activism. Using metaphysics and object-relations theory, he concludes that nature is “no more” than a social construction. The publisher’s blurb explains:
No being, construct, or object can exist independently from the ecological entanglement, Morton contends, nor does “Nature” exist as an entity separate from [...]