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    16 Year Anniversary of A16 IMF/World Bank Protest – Bringing Democracy Home

16 Year Anniversary of A16 IMF/World Bank Protest – Bringing Democracy Home

ISE faculty and students were key organizers and active participants in the alterglobalization movement. To commemorate the 16th anniversary of the "A16" action in Washington D.C. and the important role played by Social Ecologists in this movement, we're posting the widely-read Bringing Democracy Home pamphlet that helped give the movement its political flavor. Although written 16 years ago, its insights remain as relevant as ever.

Online debate on “degrowth”

The websites Commons Transition and have both highlighted a very interesting online debate on the future of the term “degrowth.” Pioneered by French economist Serge Latouche, degrowth has become a rallying point for an impressive array of critics and visionaries, especially in Europe. Some have critiqued the degrowth paradigm for being too eclectic, and perhaps insufficiently anticapitalist, but conversations initiated by degrowth advocates continue to be quite illuminating for many of us here.

In this dialogue, UK-based economist Kate Raworth argues that the term degrowth [...]

New book: Organic Revolutionary by Grace Gershuny

ISE faculty member Grace Gershuny’s long-awaited memoir has just been released, under the imprint of Joe’s Brook Press in Barnet, Vermont. The book, Organic Revolutionary: A Memoir of the Movement for Real Food, Planetary Healing, and Human Liberation, illuminates Grace’s roots in the early 1970s back-to-the-land movement, her early engagement with soil science and the emergence of organic farming in northern New England, her discovery of social ecology and socially-engaged Buddhism, and her intimate role in the development of national organic standards.

Canadian [...]

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    Statement on the assassination of Berta Cáceres in Honduras

Statement on the assassination of Berta Cáceres in Honduras

The ISE was among more than 30 organizations that signed on to a press statement expressing outrage at the early March assassination of Berta Cáceres, a leading indigenous activist in Honduras.  The full text is available at the US Food Sovereignty Alliance website.  Further background on Cáceres’ work to defend indigenous land rights from logging, mining mega-hydroelectric and other interests is available in this 2013 article from journalist/activist Jeff Conant. The case has also highlighted ongoing concerns about the current Honduran [...]

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    2016 ISE Summer Gathering: August 19-21 – Marshfield, Vermont

2016 ISE Summer Gathering: August 19-21 – Marshfield, Vermont

Join the ISE for our annual summer gathering in Vermont. This year's theme: Social Ecology, Socialism, and the State. How can we move from protest to social transformation?

New Online Course – Ecology, Democracy, Utopia

Our first online course on the foundations of social ecology. Offered again soon!

Save the Date! 2016 Summer Intensive Program

Join us in the Hudson Valley in August for a week-long program on Democracy, Ecology & Social Movements, also featuring an advanced track on the politics and philosophy of social ecology.

New articles about politics, power and movements

ROAR Magazine, a website frequently featured here for its up-to-the-minute, incisive accounts of the global uprisings that have emerged since 2011, has posted the first edition of a print magazine, available for free download (at least for now).  The magazine features exceptional interviews and articles addressing core questions about politics, power, future left strategies, and the evolution of various social movements by renowned independent left thinkers including David Harvey, Michael Hardt, John Holloway, Oscar Olivera, Marina Sitrin, and many others. Janet Biehl [...]

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Kurdish revolution hits the mainstream press

2 relatively mainstream press accounts in recent weeks highlight the contributions of Murray Bookchin’s social ecology to the continuing revolution in the Kurdish regions of Syria and beyond. Most widely noted was a first-hand account of visits to the Kurdish militias by New York Times reporter Wes Enzinna, published in the paper’s Sunday magazine on November 29th.  It’s an engaged and inviting account, despite the reporter’s snarky comments (directly to Kursish militants!) about how Bookchin’s work has been forgotten in the US.

Less flashy [...]

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Article: How to be an anti-capitalist today

Erik Olin Wright, co-author of Alternatives to Capitalism: Proposals for a democratic economy, has a new article in Jacobin that asks some important questions about the nature and limits of different kinds of anti-capitalist politics today. His argument that “Anticapitalism isn’t simply a moral stance against injustice — it’s about building an alternative” resonates with the reconstructive perspective of social ecology.

Short excerpt:
… It is not an illusion that capitalism has transformed the material conditions of life in the world and enormously [...]

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