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The New World Summit on Stateless Democracy – Video Online

The New World Summit on Stateless Democracy took place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently, bringing together activists and intellectuals from around the globe to explore the possibilities for uncoupling democracy from the nation-state. Speakers from a variety of movements across the globe converged to discuss radical democracy, nationalism, and especially the Kurdish liberation struggle that has captured the imagination of the world.

Many of these exciting discussions can now [...]

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    Debbie Bookchin in The Nation on Turkey’s repression of the Kurdish liberation movement

Debbie Bookchin in The Nation on Turkey’s repression of the Kurdish liberation movement

Debbie Bookchin has penned a powerful new article for The Nation on Erdogan’s current war against the Kurdish movement in Southeastern Turkey, and why the US and EU must act now to stop the bloodshed.  

“Why would Erdogan resume the peace process when his NATO allies give him tacit permission to brutalize his own people in the name of combating terrorism? As long as [...]

Turkish translation of The Next Revolution

The posthumous anthology of Murray Bookchin essays titled The Next Revolution is now available in Turkish, courtesy of a recent translation published by Dipnot Yayınları. Turkey has long had a vibrant Social Ecology movement, which has grown in recent years since both the Gezi Park and Kurdish uprisings. The new translation, titled Geleceğin Devrimi: Halk Meclisleri ve Doğrudan Demokrasi, is available via the Turkish website

An organic revolutionary in South Korea

by Grace Gershuny

Last October I had the opportunity to deliver a talk at a conference in Goesan province, South Korea. The Regional Conference on Marketing & Innovation in Organic Farming was co-sponsored by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) with the Goesan provincial government. My presentation, co-authored by former IFOAM President Katherine DiMatteo, was entitled, “The organic revolution, or you can’t dismantle capitalism with a marketing plan” (full text was posted in September, but the link [...]

New articles about politics, power and movements

ROAR Magazine, a website frequently featured here for its up-to-the-minute, incisive accounts of the global uprisings that have emerged since 2011, has posted the first edition of a print magazine, available for free download (at least for now).  The magazine features exceptional interviews and articles addressing core questions about politics, power, future left strategies, and the evolution of various social movements by renowned independent left thinkers including David Harvey, Michael Hardt, John Holloway, Oscar Olivera, [...]

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Kurdish revolution hits the mainstream press

2 relatively mainstream press accounts in recent weeks highlight the contributions of Murray Bookchin’s social ecology to the continuing revolution in the Kurdish regions of Syria and beyond. Most widely noted was a first-hand account of visits to the Kurdish militias by New York Times reporter Wes Enzinna, published in the paper’s Sunday magazine on November 29th.  It’s an engaged and inviting account, despite the reporter’s snarky comments (directly to Kursish militants!) about how Bookchin’s work has [...]

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Article: How to be an anti-capitalist today

Erik Olin Wright, co-author of Alternatives to Capitalism: Proposals for a democratic economy, has a new article in Jacobin that asks some important questions about the nature and limits of different kinds of anti-capitalist politics today. His argument that “Anticapitalism isn’t simply a moral stance against injustice — it’s about building an alternative” resonates with the reconstructive perspective of social ecology.

Short excerpt:
… It is not an illusion that capitalism has transformed the material conditions [...]

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Carmelo Ruiz: Is food really becoming scarce?

To celebrate the publication of the brand new edition of Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins’ classic book, World Hunger: 10 Myths, we offer a new article by our Puerto Rico-based colleague, Carmelo Ruiz:

That food is becoming scarce because demand and population growth are outstripping supply is an article of faith that is rarely ever examined let alone questioned in mainstream environmental policy circles, or in major news media. The latest incarnation of this unquestioned [...]

Is the Paris climate conference designed to fail?

... by ISE director Brian Tokar. Addressing common myths about the upcoming Paris conference, how events since the 2009 Copenhagen conference have set the stage for what could be a fatally flawed agreement, and how activists in Europe and the US are responding. available at CommonDreams, Counterpunch, ZNet, New Compass, Toward Freedom, and a terrific new website, Paris Climate Justice.

New books of interest

Several new books of interest to social ecologists are out this month:
Ecology or Catastrophe: The Life of Murray Bookchin
by Janet Biehl, from Oxford University Press

The first-ever biography of Murray Bookchin, written by his personal collaborator and copy-editor from 1987-2006. The book discusses the variety of philosophies and movements that Bookchin helped shape, including social ecology, eco-decentralism, eco-anarchism and municipal democracy.

We will feature more information about this book in the coming weeks.
Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization
by Abdullah Öcalan, [...]

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