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    System Change or Extinction? Thoughts on “The Uninhabitable Earth”

System Change or Extinction? Thoughts on “The Uninhabitable Earth”

“There are thus two critiques of “The Uninhabitable Earth.” First, Wallace-Wells fails to account for all the positive environmental actions we’re going to take. But he also ignores the negative political actions that are bound to occur. But something is missing here. These two critiques don’t go well together. It just doesn’t make sense that we could make major reductions in emissions with the same old “vicious right-wing minority” in power. If they’re still in charge and pushing wars, we’re screwed. It seems obvious, but apparently bears repeating: environmental change requires political change. Capitalism fuels environmental devastation. We will only halt environmental devastation if we dismantle capitalism.”

From our recent intensive in San Francisco

We had a truly exceptional time at our recent social ecology seminar in San Francisco.  Thanks to Michelle Glowa and everyone at the California Institute for Integral Studies who made it possible, and to our incredible class of participants from all across North America and around the world!  You can view the full schedule, and see that we had a packed 6 days of lectures, discussions, field trips and some fun outings.  We had an unprecedented number of participants actively engaged in organizing popular assemblies, from the Pacific Northwest [...]

ISE 2017 Annual Gathering: August 18-20 – Marshfield, VT

The Institute for Social Ecology cordially invites you to attend our Annual Gathering for a weekend of engaging political discussion, great food, and a chance to socialize with other social ecologists and fellow travelers in the beautiful Vermont countryside. The gathering is a unique opportunity to renew the Social Ecology community in person, renew old friendships and make new ones, connecting with like-minded people from around the world.

As the global political wave of right wing populism has caught up to the United States, it is more urgent than ever [...]

Kurds and supporters gather in Hamburg

Internationalizing Democratic Modernity : A report from Challenging Capitalist Modernity III

by Eleanor Finley

From April 15 – 17, 2017 in Hamburg, Germany the Kurdish freedom movement held its third instantiation of Challenging Capitalist Modernity, the biennial conference dedicated to ‘democratic modernity’ and the ideas developed by imprisoned Kurdish political leader Abdullah Ocalan.

On the first day, over 1,200 activists, scholars, and students packed into a vast lecture hall, the University of Hamburg’s Audimax, with seven interpreter booths and two balconies. Outside, blossoming trees and vivid new grass lined the walkways, [...]

Spring Social Ecology online seminar May 8-June 26!

Stay tuned for future versions of our online social ecology course, plus several new courses in the works for the 2017-18 academic year!

From Richard Greeman: The Coming Struggle

Richard Greeman is a lifelong Marxist-Humanist-Anarcho-Utopian scholar and activist, best known for his studies and translations of the Franco-Russian novelist and revolutionary Victor Serge. This essay was submitted in late January for the ISE blog and has been lightly edited for timeliness:
The Coming Struggle: Popular Resistance versus the Trump Regime
by Richard Greeman

The massive, spontaneous, popular resistance to Trump that poured into the streets in the giant post-Inauguration Women’s March had been welling up since election night. Trump and his ruthless, racist, reactionary White House gang now in [...]

Reason, creativity and freedom: The communalist model

On the unique relevance of communalism in this historical moment. By Eleanor Finley, originally published by ROAR Magazine.
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    Beyond the Limits of Nature: A social-ecological view of growth and degrowth

Beyond the Limits of Nature: A social-ecological view of growth and degrowth

ISE board member Eleanor Finley has a new article titled Beyond the Limits of Nature: A social-ecological view of growth and degrowth. Part of the series Ecology after capitalism, it draws on Bookchin’s work to interrogate the limits of the degrowth perspective and contrasts it with social ecology’s analysis of post-scarcity and ecological development.

A New Municipal Uprising?

Several recent articles have chronicled the emergence of an emerging municipal uprising in several U.S. cities, sometimes encouraged by European models.

New dissertation on social ecology and movements

Last Spring, scholar-activist Federico Venturini, a friend and recent student at the ISE, completed his PhD in Human Geography at the University of Leeds in the UK. Federico's dissertation offers an in-depth study of radical urban social movements in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and explores the lessons of these movements through the lens of social ecology.
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