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New book: Food Movements Unite!

From Food First Books in Oakland. Brian Tokar’s essay, “Food Sovereignty and Climate Justice,” is included:

Food Movements Unite!

Edited by Eric Holt- Giménez

Examining the power of the people in transforming our food systems, this book argues that the global food movement is as creative and powerful as it is diverse and widespread. The 21 authors of this book come together from communities all over the globe to examine how we can unite our efforts and create a powerful ‘movement of movements’ that [...]

Population in the news – again

The specter of “overpopulation” has returned to the public airwaves following the UN’s recent announcement that the earth is now home to 7 billion people. The coverage is highly reminiscent of the debates that raged throughout the 1970s and eighties and, once again, there’s a dearth of critical evaluation of this issue. Do rising human populations drive environmental destruction, or are rising populations themselves a symptom of wider social and political dislocations? Are there too many poor people, or [...]

OWS’ historical antecedents: 2 articles

Here are links to 2 interesting commentaries addressing historical antecedents to the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a recent column, Chris Hedges interviewed an OWS participant in New York and used this to introduce some perceptive comments about the historic role of the underclass in political movements, drawing on the 19th century debates between Bakunin and Marx. Thai Jones, writing for the MRZine blog published by Monthly Review, looks at the involvement of prominent individuals such as Emma Goldman and Upton [...]

J. E. Roos: The end of the ‘End of History’

Another excellent article from The New Significance. It begins:
The Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions. The Arab Spring. The looming Greek default. The increasingly likely breakup of the eurozone. The second coming of the global financial crisis. The return with a vengeance of the systemic critique of capitalism. The resounding worldwide call for real democracy. The dramatic rallies against austerity, inequality and neoliberalism in Spain, Greece, Chile and Israel. The riots in [...]

Janet Biehl visits Kurdish communalists

In a pair of new articles on the New Compass website, Janet Biehl recounts her recent visit to the Mesopotamian Social Forum in Diyarbakir, Turkey as a guest of Kurdish activists who are implementing principles of social ecology in their local work. One of the articles is an in-depth interview with Ercan Ayboga, who more fully describes the Kurdish struggle for “democratic autonomy,” and the structures of confederal democracy that they have created. These communalist institutions are rooted in their own [...]

Occupy Wall Street protests go global

-+*A comprehensive global round-up from journalist Bill Weinberg's invaluable World War 4 Report:

Under the slogan "From Tahrir Square to Times Square," the Occupy Wall Street movement reports demonstrations in over 1,500 cities across the globe Oct. 15, including over 100 US cities from coast to coast. In New York, [...]

New publication: “Organizing Cools the Planet”

Co-authored by ISE board member and recent social ecology MA graduate Hilary Moore:

Organizing Cools the Planet: Tools and Reflections to Navigate the Climate Crisis
By Hilary Moore and Joshua Kahn Russell

Organizing Cools The Planet offers a challenge to all concerned about the ecological crisis: find your frontline. This 65 page booklet weaves together stories, analysis, organizing tools, and provocative questions, to offer a snapshot of the North American Climate Justice movement and [...]

“Occupied Wall St. Journal” online + More photos

Here’s the word, direct from the streets of New York:

First issue:
Second issue:

Also the Atlantic Monthly has an outstanding set of photos from the October 5th support rally for Occupy Wall Street, along with allied events across the US, at And Jim Ennis, who teaches sociology at Tufts University has posted his own excellent photos from Occupy Boston at

Reflections from Occupy Amherst

by Ben Grosscup
October 9, 2011

When I heard that a “general assembly” had been called for the Amherst Common to organize an Occupy Amherst movement, I had a sense that there was some kind of opening for new political possibilities in my community. I have seen and participated in many organizing efforts opposing militarism, and supporting immigrant and worker rights, but this seemed different.

For one, it is explicitly being organized as part of a national movement, taking inspiration largely from Occupy Wall Street. [...]

Photos from Occupy Wall St. support demo Weds. 10/5

All photos are © 2011 by Eliot Tokar, whose website is Brian Tokar’s brother Eliot is interviewed about his Tibetan medicine practice at More of his Wall St. photos can be seen at