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    Tokar book tour for “Toward Climate Justice” & “Agriculture and Food in Crisis”

Tokar book tour for “Toward Climate Justice” & “Agriculture and Food in Crisis”

ISE Director Brian Tokar is doing a book tour in support of his recent titles Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change (Communalism Press), and  Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Crisis, and Renewal (co-edited with Fred Magdoff), from Monthly Review Press:

March 6. Amherst, Massachusetts @ Food for Thought Books
March 14. Boulder, Colorado @ Naropa University and Left Hand Books
March 20-22. New York City @ Left Forum and The Commons in Brooklyn
March 26-27. Cape Cod (Barnstable, Mass.) @ Cape Cod Community College & others TBA
March 28-29. Boston @ Lucy Parsons Center

Toward Food Sovereignty in Vermont and Northern New England

– From C. Armiger, P. Palmiotto, J. Estes, eds., Banking on Biodiversity: The ecological and socio-economic dimensions of sustainable agriculture, Keene, NH: Antioch University Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (in press)

The previous panelists have offered thoughtful perspectives on how US agricultural policies profoundly alter the lives of people around the world and how people in tropical Central America are beginning to reclaim sovereignty over their food supply. I’d like to bring the discussion home by addressing the problem of increasing corporate control over our own food, and exploring some ways we can begin to bring our food economy […]

Toward a Movement for Peace and Climate Justice

– For In the Middle of a Whirlwind/Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Summer 2008

Complaining about the weather is about as American as apple pie, sitcoms and rock and roll. But while the rest of the world has been noticing for years that our increasingly unstable weather is an initial sign of potentially devastating global climate changes, our nation’s collective heads have mostly remained in the sand. Finally, over the past year or so, things have begun to shift a little.

It helps, of course, that weather changes over the past year or two have become so severe that it’s virtually […]

On Bookchin’s Social Ecology and its Contributions to Social Movements

– For Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, March 2008

Murray Bookchin was a leading theoretical progenitor of the many currents of left ecological thought and action that emerged from the 1960s, and his voluminous and many-faceted work has continued to influence theorists and activists to this day. Marcel van der Linden of the International Institute of Social History, based in the Netherlands, has described Bookchin’s collection of sixties-era essays, Post-Scarcity Anarchism, as “definitely… one of the most influential works on the international generation of 1968.”1 His magnum opus, The Ecology of Freedom, was placed by the Village Voice “at the pinnacle of […]

Global Warming and the Struggle for Justice

– For Z Magazine, January 2008

If 2006 was the year that the “inconvenient truth” of global climate disruption made its way into the popular consciousness—and sparked a huge new wave of green products and corporate greenwashing—then hopefully the results of 2007’s revelations about the earth’s rapidly changing climate will prove more substantive and long-lasting. Not only did the UN’s Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issue a massively comprehensive report on climate science and its consequences, but the disturbing, and sometimes catastrophic, reality of worldwide climate collapse began to affect almost everyone’s daily life.

Here in the US, where the […]

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Can we buy our way to an ethical society?

– For World Magazine X (Norway)

Today we live in the most narrowly market-driven society the world has ever seen. Social movements in many countries are at a low ebb, and people’s lives are utterly shaped by the norms of the commercial marketplace. This is especially true in North America, but its effects are increasingly felt in Europe as well. Advertising for consumer brands aims to reorient our personal aspirations and our fundamental sense of selfhood. We seem to live in a world where literally everything is for sale.

It is little surprise that, in such a world, people seek to […]

The Greens as a Social Movement: Values and Conflicts

– For Green Parties: Reflections on the First Three Decades, edited by Frank Zelko and Carolin Brinkmann, Heinrich Böll Foundation of North America, 2006.

In the America of the mid 1980s, the dreams of a more just and ecological society that had flourished during the 1960s and seventies seemed in danger of disappearing into the mists of history. The Reagan years had ushered in a culture of resurgent greed, militarism and conspicuous consumption, and a dismal politics of reaction and retrenchment. In this challenging climate, the visionary policies and electoral victories of die Grünen in Germany appeared to be nothing […]

Agribusiness, Biotechnology and War

This article originally appeared in Z Magazine, September 2002.

Virtually all of the new, technology-based industries of the past century have been products of wartime. World War I ushered in the widespread use of mechanization and the beginnings of aviation. World War II brought us nuclear power, modern rocketry and cybernetics. The corporate giants […]

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