Harbinger Vol. 2 No. 1: 2001 Contents

The Institute For Social Ecology publishes Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology. We would like to thank the following contributors who made this issue of Harbinger possible:

Harbinger Committee:

  • Claudia Bagiackas
  • Michael Caplan
  • Daniel Chodorkoff
  • Michael J. Cuba


  • Amaan – The Oromo and the Ethiopian Empire State
  • Murray Bookchin – Interview with Murray Bookchin
  • Michael Caplan – The Oromo and the Ethiopian Empire State
  • Kai Malloy – Towards a Historical Perspective of Libertarian and Anarchist Education
  • Cindy Milstein – What’s in a Name?
  • Andrea del Moral – Seeds in the City
  • Erin Royster – Hungry for Profit
  • Brian Tokar – Radicalizing the Debate
  • Amoshaun Toft – Prefigurative Politics in the Pro-Democracy Movement
  • David Vanek – Interview with Murray Bookchin

Art Work:

  • Michael Caplan – Corn Harvest, Urban Decay Farmers, Commodified Peas, Food as Capital, antiantidisestablishmentarianism
  • Mike FlugennockLiberation!
  • Cliff Harper – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Max Stirner, Educate, Agitate, Organise, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman
  • Peter KuperProtest!
  • Monthly Review Press – Cover of Hungry for Profit
  • Oromia Support Group – Map of Oromia
  • Dustin C. RossDC Protest
  • Marco Tulli – Cover

Layout and Design:

  • Michael Caplan

Copy Editing:

  • Dan Chodorkoff
  • Cheri Killam


  • Janet Biehl
  • The social ecology community


Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Institute for Social Ecology.

3 Replies to “Harbinger Vol. 2 No. 1: 2001 Contents”

  1. Hello,

    Are you in a publishing cycle? I have an article for submission re: social libertarianism as a political expression of the social ecological model. I also have several social ecology projects underway including a dissertation and a book, music, new media, the transcendent, holos, etc. I have multiple grad degrees and twenty-five years of real world experience. I would love to connect with anyone interested in working with me

  2. Unfortunately, Harbinger has not been published since the early 2000s. We’ll be in touch with you about other projects.

  3. I have gone through the journal herbinger vol-3. and made used of it for my thesis. thank you so much

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