Remembering Murray Bookchin

On January 14, ISE co-founder Murray Bookchin would have turned 90. We invite you to celebrate his life and work:

Listen to Chaia Heller speak about her friend and mentor following his passing in July 2006. (Recording from September 6, 2006)

Check out some cartoons written and illustrated by Janet Biehl, Bookchin’s companion during the last 20 years of his life, which are a memoir of their time together. (Scroll down the page to see the cartoons)

View the Bookchin Tribute section of the ISE’s website.

Visit the Bookchin Bibliography, hosted by Anarchy Archives.

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  1. Mr. Bookchin inspired me when I was a Junior in High School and now more than 10 yrs later it still does! His legacy in deep ecology and dialectical naturalism has certainly influenced me in my living practices as a human. In my opinion his greatest work was The Philosophy of Social Ecology, still relevant and always will be. RIP my friend!

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