Spring 2003: From Biodevastation to Biojustice

Planning is underway for a unique series of Biodevastation/Biojustice events this spring:

  • St. Louis, May 16-18th
    This is the 7th in this series of international grassroots gatherings. Biodevastation 7 will take place in St. Louis, where the series first began in July of 1998, and will immediately precede the Monsanto-sponsored World Agricultural Forum. The local sponsors, the Gateway Green Alliance have subtitled this event “A Forum on Environmental Racism, World Agriculture and Biowarfare,” and see it as a definitive event linking genetic engineering to discrimination against communities of color. Featured speakers will include include Vandana Shiva, Mae-Wan Ho, Mwananyanda Mbikusita Lewanika (from Zambia) and Percy Schmeiser. Contact mrallen@mprsnd.org or call 314-353-8176. Read more about the St. Louis events and the planned protest at the World Agricultural Forum. Register NOW!
  • May 19th to June 19thA fun and educational bicycle Caravan Across the Cornbelt from St. Louis, to Washington, DC, where the Biotechnology Industry Organization will hold their annual convention a month later. The Caravan will be a month-long bicycle spectacle covering over 1000 miles, featuring puppet shows, presentations, speak-outs, freak-outs, clown acts, and music. All concerned citizens, clowns, puppeteers, bike riders, messengers, farmers, and eaters of food are invited to bring a bicycle and join the ride! Contact caravan@ifairtrade.net.


  • Washington, DC June 20-22ndIn response to the annual convention of the Biotechnology Industry
    Organization and the recent U.S. led WTO challenge to the European
    Union’s GMO policy, press events and congressional briefings will be
    held in DC. Contact larcher@foe.org.


  • Sacramento, California, June 20-25thTrade ministers from all around the world will be meeting in Sacramento, CA. at the invitation of US Agriculture Secretary Anne Veneman. This WTO-level meeting is designed to promote the biotech agenda in preparation for this fall’s WTO ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico. More details can be found on the Sacramento 2003 page, and full details of this mobilization are at www.sacmobilization.org. The international farmers’ movement Via Campesina has issued its own Call to Action for Sacramento. Contact info@sacmobilization.org.

    STAY TUNED to this site for further details on all of these upcoming events.

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