New Compass is a continuation of  Communalism – A Social Ecology Journal, a project allied with the ISE. They have several new published articles as well as a newly published book “Art as Politics” by Adam Krause.

From the New Compass “About” page:

New movements need new ideas. New Compass presents new and powerful ideas on direct democracy, social ecology, rationality, moral economy, equality and diversity.


New Compass was established in 2011 by a Norwegian-based collective of activists in the environmental and social movements. The project has sprung out of the organization Democratic Alternative in Scandinavia and the international Communalism – A Social Ecology Journal.

Our aim

The main aim of New Compass is to present ideas that can help turn social and environmental movements into a force for change. We do not think that the dogmas of the 20th Century can help us in this endeavor, and that a new direction toward direct and participatory democracy, radical ecology and a libertarian form of socialism is needed.

Our activities

New Compass mainly publishes articles and commentaries on this webpage. In addition we have established New Compass Press to publish books and pamphlets. In the future, we also wish to organize international encounters for people who share these views.

For more information please visit the New Compass website.