Kurdish revolution hits the mainstream press

2 relatively mainstream press accounts in recent weeks highlight the contributions of Murray Bookchin‘s social ecology to the continuing revolution in the Kurdish regions of Syria and beyond. Most widely noted was a first-hand account of visits to the Kurdish militias by New York Times reporter Wes Enzinna, published in the paper’s Sunday magazine on November 29th.  It’s an engaged and inviting account, despite the reporter’s snarky comments (directly to Kursish militants!) about how Bookchin’s work has been forgotten in the US.

Stock photo via huffingtonpost.com.
Stock photo via huffingtonpost.com.

Less flashy but more substantive in many respects is a 2 part series by Huffington Post reporter Akbar Shahid Ahmed, published just last week. Ahmed includes discussions of Bookchin’s personal history and theoretical contributions, based in part on interviews with both Debbie Bookchin and Janet Biehl.  Well worth reading both the account of Bookchin’s contributions and the article examining the politics of the region. Note that the former article continues at length after the bracketed “This story is part of a series…” and associated graphics that appear to mark the end of the article.

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