We are pleased to announce the next Social Ecology Summer Intensive will take place June 8-13 at the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, Washington!

In recent years inspiring social movements have risen up to oppose economic inequality, climate change, political disempowerment, institutionalized racism and sexism. Yet many are left with the feeling that despite our efforts, it seems little has changed. We are left with the persistent question: how can we move from defense to offence, from protest to social transformation?

For over 40 years the Institute for Social Ecology has been hosting crucial movement-building conversations, providing space to reflect on our political analysis, strategy, and vision. Drawing on long collective experience in the ecology/climate justice, feminist, antiracist, alterglobalization, Occupy and other movements, the ISE has played a leading role in articulating a vision of a free, ecological, and radically democratic society that offers a compelling alternative to the bleak and disempowering present, as well as a strategy to achieve it.

We invite you to continue this conversation in June at our 2018 ISE Summer Intensive. The Intensive will bring together activists, students, academics and community leaders for a dynamic week of exploring the struggle for a free society in theory and praxis. This two-tiered seminar will offer a full 6-day experience and a weekend-only option. The weekend will provide an overview of social ecology’s holistic approach to understanding the intertwined nature of social, political, economic, and ecological problems. Then over the next four days we will delve deeper into our conversations about transformative social change, discuss movement history and strategy, and also get out into the community for several action-tours.

To enroll or ask questions, please email us at social-ecology@mail.mayfirst.org.


For the full 6-day program we ask a $60 -$300 sliding scale fee; nobody turned away for lack of funds. If you can afford it, please consider giving more to help us keep this event accessible. Weekend only (6/8-10): $40 – 85 sliding scale. Evenings or individual courses: $30 suggested. There will be free on-site camping and local home-shares available for participants.