ISE 2020 Summer Intensive: Social Ecology in an Age of Social, Political, & Climate Crisis

2020 ISE Summer Intensive

June 19-24 @ The Watershed Center, Millerton NY

We are living in a moment of overlapping social, political, and ecological crises. Authoritarianism and fascism march on, fueled by rising nationalism, xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, and ethno-religious chauvinism. Already anemic democratic institutions are under siege from the U.S and South America to the U.K. and India. Rosy economic reports obscure stark inequality and lowered expectations as precarious, part-time, and often multiple low-wage jobs becomes the new norm. The climate crisis is already here, as we face unprecedented wildfires, ocean acidification, climate migration, and other environmental problems. Recent movements and popular uprisings around the world have rekindled hope, but have been unable to translate mass anger into meaningful institutional change. There is a growing sense that we’ve reached a breaking point.

These social and ecological crises demand visionary new ideas and radical alternatives. The Institute for Social Ecology has been developing such alternatives for 45 years, fostering radical educational and movement self-reflection informed by long experience in the anti-nuclear, alter-globalization, climate justice, and Occupy movements, and in struggles for democratic autonomy by Kurds in Turkey and Syria. Social ecology provides a holistic analysis of the overlapping crises we face, and offers a radically democratic political vision for moving beyond them.

It is with these themes and questions in mind that we invite you to join us for a Social Ecology Intensive June 19-24 in Millerton, NY for five days of exploring social-ecological transformation in theory and practice. Our intensives bring together ISE faculty, local activists and scholars, and participants from around the world for a week of classes, workshops, guest lectures, and field trips. Participants will explore the fundamentals of social ecology in relation to contemporary struggles and issues.  ISE Intensives are always an inspiring experience of radical education, political strategizing, comradely networking, and utopian visioning.

This year’s topics will include:

·        The Theory and Praxis of Social Ecology

·        Understanding Capitalism

·        Ecofascism or Social Ecology? Why Our Understanding of Nature Matters

·        Building Dual Power: From Resistance to Revolutionary Movements

·        The Eclipse of Reason: Direct Democracy in an Era of Irrationalism, Counter-Enlightenment, Post-Truth, and Conspiracy

·        More to be announced

Hosted at The Watershed Center in Millerton NY, who provide housing and food for all participants for the week. Classes will begin at around 9 in the morning and end in the evening, with breaks in the day for swimming, hiking and enjoying the summer sun. Farm fresh meals and accommodations are included in the cost of the seminar, sliding scale from $200-600, with scholarships available.

To register or learn more, complete the form below or email us at social-ecology@mail.mayfirst.orgAnd please help spread the word!

Institute for Social Ecology Intensive Application

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