2018 ISE Annual Gathering: Aug. 17-19 Marshfield, VT

The Institute for Social Ecology cordially invites you to our 2018 Annual Gathering for a weekend of engaging political discussion, great food, and socializing in the beautiful Vermont countryside. The gathering is a unique opportunity to renew the Social Ecology community in person, renew old friendships and make new ones, and connect with like-minded people from around the world.

This year’s theme is Building Muncipalist Movements, inspired by the exciting surge in explicitly muncipalist organizing worldwide. We will feature talks and panel discussions on topics like:

What is Communalism?
Urbanization, Right to the City, and the “Commons”

Against Climate Geoengineering – A response to Jacobin

From Keith Brunner, a union organizer in Burlington, Vermont and a friend of the ISE. This was originally submitted to Jacobin in response to an article by their editorial board member, Peter Frase, but Keith has not received any response from them.

A Socialist Case Against Climate Geoengineering

Since the 2015 UN Paris Agreement, climate geoengineering – the intentional large-scale manipulation of the earth’s natural systems – has shifted from the margins to the mainstream of climate policy discussions. The idea counts among its supporters both liberal technocrats and neoconservatives like U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, a notorious climate [...]

2 Recent talks by Dan Chodorkoff

Here are videos of 2 recent talks by Dan Chodorkoff, who co-founded the ISE together with Murray Bookchin back in 1974.  The first is from a panel on Social Ecology and Urban Movements, held at the Ecopolis Social Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece in September 2017.  The second was recorded in early February 2018 at McGill University in Montreal.  You can click on either image and follow the link to YouTube, or click directly on the YouTube links below:





Social Ecology Summer Intensive: June 8-13, Poulsbo, WA.

We are pleased to announce the next Social Ecology Summer Intensive will take place June 8-13 at the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, Washington!
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    New Online Course: Social Transformation Beyond Pragmatism or Utopia

New Online Course: Social Transformation Beyond Pragmatism or Utopia

Enroll today for Social Transformation Beyond Pragmatism and Utopia, a three-session seminar that will explore theoretical and practical dilemmas posed by the tension between utopia and pragmatism in communalism’s political vision. Taught by long-time ISE affiliate Robert Ogman, the course will meet Thursdays at 1 pm EST on April 26, May 3, and May 17.

“Murray Bookchin Has a Posse” Pin Fundraiser!

Our friends from Demand Utopia in Portland have made some very cool "Murray Bookchin Has a Posse" pins! Proceeds will go towards funding the first translation of Murray Bookchin's work into Arabic.
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    Enroll Now for Spring Online Seminar: Mondays, March 12 – April 30

Enroll Now for Spring Online Seminar: Mondays, March 12 – April 30

Enroll today for our Spring online seminar: Ecology, Democracy, Utopia. Starts March 12 and will meet weekly at 1 pm EST until April 30th.

The Growth Paradigm: Measuring Nothing

The following essay is an excerpt from America’s Addiction to Automobiles by Chad Frederick. The book argues that contrary to the ethos of much contemporary urban planning, simply increasing the multimodal infrastructure of our cities is not enough to free them from automobile dependency. This task requires that we change the underlying logic of city governance, away from the growth paradigm to the sustainable development paradigm, with equity at its center.

Urgent news from Afrin, Rojava

Update from Hawzhin Azeez of the Kobane Reconstruction Board in Rojava:

In the last hour Erdogan’s air force attacked and bombarded Afrin. Hevals noted over 72 planes flying over Afrin and bombing indiscriminately. Hevals also confirm that direct conflict with Turkish backed terrorist groups have occurred. Two tanks have been captured by the SDF/YPG/YPJ and many killed and captured from the terrorist groups; but there are a number of injured and martyred on our side too.

For well over two years Erdogan’s planes have bombarded Afrin provinces, dozens of villages have been destroyed with even more innocent civilian [...]

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