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Harbinger Vol 3, Issue 1: Spring 2003 Contents

This was the first issue since the 1980s to appear in print, as well as online. The table of contents is here; full text of articles are linked from the "Social Ecology Journals" page. To download a full pdf of this issue, click here.

Harbinger Vol. 2 No. 1: 2001 Contents

The Institute For Social Ecology has published several issues of Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology. This was our first issue (online only) since the original Harbinger journal of the 1980s. Table of contents is here; scroll to page 2 below for articles.

Harbinger Vol. 3 No. 1 — Alliance for Freedom and Direct Democracy

etween August 23nd to August 25th, 2002, thirty anti-authoritarian organizers from around the U.S. converged on a farm in upstate New York to found a new political confederation: the Alliance for Freedom and Direct Democracy.
Our Mission
AFADD is a confederation of anti-authoritarians working toward the realization of a free society. We believe that there can be no justice without freedom, and no freedom without the power to participate directly and […]

Harbinger Editorial Vol 3, Issue 1

elcome to the latest issue of Harbinger, a Journal of Social Ecology. This issue has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. Our goal, to inform and inspire those actively pursuing an ecological society rooted in decentralist, directly democratic ideals, is clearly expressed in the articles that make up this issue. The thematic core focuses on the vision of social ecology, as expressed by Peter Staudenmaier, and its relationship to new understandings in evolutionary theory. Murray Bookchin, the seminal theorist of social ecology, provides an historical overview of the issues that he […]

Harbinger – Credits Vol 3, Issue 1

he Institute For Social Ecology publishes Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology. We would like to thank the following contributors that made this issue of Harbinger possible:
Managing Editor

Michael Caplan

Advisory Board

Dan Chodorkoff
Chuck Morse
Erin Royster
Sonja Schmitz
Brian Tokar

Print & Web Design

Michael Caplan

Copy Editor

Erin Royster


Beehive Design Collective
Murray Bookchin
Michael Caplan
Dan Chodorkoff
Cliff Harper
Democratic Alternative
Eirik Eiglad
Mike Flugennock
Keith McHenry
Andrea del Moral
Jared Rogness
Erin Royster
Sonja Schmitz
Gord Seward
Peter Staudenmaier
Brian Tokar
Ingrid Young

Special Thanks

Claudia Bagiackas
Janet Biehl
Michael Cuba
Arthur Foelsche
Heidi Hunt of Mother Earth News
and the many ISE supporters who donated to […]

Harbinger Vol. 2 No. 1 — Urban Seeds

Urban Seeds: What a Cornfield in Kansas and Blvd. Renee Levesque Have in Common By Andrea del Moral On urban agriculture and saving seeds...