Left Green Perspectives

Left Green Perspectives #14

Policy Statements
Capitalism, Consensus, and Theistic Spirituality

The following programmatic theses have been written by members of the Burlington Greens as draft resolutions for the National Green Gathering to be held in Eugene, Oregon, on June 21-24, 1989. Based on such resolutions, or SPAKAs (Strategy and Policy Approaches in Key Areas), written by […]

Left Green Perspectives #10

Yes!–Whither Earth First?
Editors’ Note: The following article was written nearly a year ago in response to a supplement in the November I, 1987, issue of Earth First! The greater part of the supplement attacked the author, Murray Bookchin, for some six columns. After an orgy of personal recriminations, […]

Left Green Perspectives #8

The Population Myth – I
by Murray Bookchin
The “population problem” has a Phoenix-like existence: it rises from the ashes at least every generation and sometimes every decade or so. The prophecies are usually the same namely, that human beings are populating the earth in “unprecedented […]

Left Green Perspectives #6

The Crisis in the Ecology Movement
by Murray Bookchin
American ecology movements — and particularly the American Greens — are faced with a serious crisis of conscience and direction.

Will ecologically oriented groups and the Greens become a movement that sees the roots of our ecological dislocations in social dislocations — notably, […]