New Institute of Social Ecology and Communalism (IESC) founded in France

We are pleased to announce the foundation of the Institute of Social Ecology and Communalism in France. Founded in February 2020, the aim of the Institute is to promote the ideas of social ecology and help build a movement in France and elsewhere in the francophone world. If you’re based in a French-speaking country, get involved! Their foundation statement is available below in English, and here in French. We look forward to collaborating together!

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Gratitude and thanks to retiring ISE board member Lincoln Van Sluytman

The Institute for Social Ecology would like to thank Lincoln Van Sluytman, who is stepping down from our Board of Directors. Since joining the board in 2014, Lincoln’s wisdom, experience, and generosity have enriched our organization and brought important insights and perspectives to our work. 

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Donate and Support the Institute for Social Ecology

Dear Friends of the Institute for Social Ecology, We are living in a moment of overlapping social, political, and ecological crises. Authoritarianism and fascism continue to grow, as rising nationalism, racism, and xenophobia undermine democracy across the globe. Meanwhile, the climate crisis is already here, fueling unprecedented wildfires, ocean acidification, climate migration, and a host …

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Institute for Social Ecology Newsletter: Winter 2019

The ISE has had an exciting summer and fall full of events! Our Winter 2019 newsletter showcases our recent and upcoming activities, including the relaunch of Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology, our various online courses, info on our next in-person Intensive in June, and updates from our staff and faculty.

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Primitivism and Ecofascism

Although some have been surprised by the far right’s enthusiasm for the work of Ted Kaczynski and John Zerzan, social ecology has long warned of both the problematic philosophical assumptions of primitivism and ecofascism. Steve Ongerth describes 6 points of ideological overlap between primitivism and ecofascism.

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New online seminar: Frankfurt School Critical Theory

We are excited to announce a new online seminar on Frankfurt School Critical Theory, the famously rich yet challenging body of ideas that has been a foundational influence on social ecology. This seven-session seminar will introduce the core concepts, thinkers, and texts of the tradition, and explore its continued relevance for contemporary political and theoretical questions.

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Video: Insurgent Campaigns and Building Movement Power – An Ecology of Tactics

If you weren’t able to make it to our 2019 Vancouver Intensive, you can check out video from the panel “Insurgent Campaigns and Building Movement Power: An Ecology of Tactics.” Featuring City Councillor Jean Swanson and COPE (Coalition of Progressive Electors) activists Shawn Vullliez and Derrick O’Keefe, the panel explores the interrelation between social movement …

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Saladdin Ahmed on the Significance of the Sudanese Revolution

ISE board member Saladdin Ahmed has an insightful new article on “The Significance of the Sudanese Revolution” up at Telos.  Telos has been an important journal of critical theory since 1968, introducing a wide variety of Frankfurt School and French radical thinkers to U.S. audiences as well as publishing occasional articles by ISE co-founder Murray Bookchin. …

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