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    Teaming with Black activists and microbes for the soul of organic

Teaming with Black activists and microbes for the soul of organic

by Grace Gershuny,
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I tend to be a big picture thinker, and have always just assumed that the connections between organic agriculture and social justice were self-evident. Yet clearly many others don’t see this connection, and believe that with the advent of a federally mandated organic certification and marketing program, organic has lost its soul.
However, there was plenty of soul in evidence at last spring’s Farm to Plate Conference in Ithaca, NY.  For the first time in my long history of attending such conferences, the key organizers and all four opening keynote speakers were passionate and articulate […]

An organic revolutionary in South Korea

by Grace Gershuny

Last October I had the opportunity to deliver a talk at a conference in Goesan province, South Korea. The Regional Conference on Marketing & Innovation in Organic Farming was co-sponsored by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) with the Goesan provincial government. My presentation, co-authored by former IFOAM President Katherine DiMatteo, was entitled, “The organic revolution, or you can’t dismantle capitalism with a marketing plan” (full text was posted in September, but the link unfortunately may not work in all browsers).

The whole event was inspiring on many levels. The conference was part of a month-long organic […]