Left Green Perspectives #35

From Green Messiah to New Age Nazi
by Matthew Kalman and John Murray

Matthew Kalman and John Murray are editors of the eco-political investigative magazine Open Eye, which has been uncovering and exposing David Icke and “New Age Nazism.” Address: BM Open Eye, London WC1N 3XX. Issue 3 is available for £1.70.

It has been hard in recent years to […]

Left Green Perspectives #34

Is Russia on the Road to Dictatorship?
by Markus Mathyl

Editors’ note: This article explores the affiliations of self-styled Communist parties in Russia with parties of the nationalist and fascist right. These groups share a common opposition to the government and policies of Boris Yeltsin and together constitute the “national-patriotic opposition.” The article […]

Left Green Perspectives #33

When “Realism” Becomes Capitulation

Action from principle, the perception and the performance of right,
changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary,
and does not consist wholly with anything which was.

One of the most dangerous aspects of the present cultural and social counterrevolution is the widespread belief that capitalism is here to stay, that it is a “natural” social order, and […]

Left Green Perspectives #32

Inside Russia Today:
An Interview with Vadim Damier
by Wolfgang Haug

This issue of Green Perspectives focuses on recent developments in Russia from the perspective of anarchist Vadim Damier. Since 1987, Damier, who lives in Moscow, has been active in a number of different political tendencies. He presently belongs to the Group of Revolutionary Anarchosyndicalists/Friends of the IWA (International Workingmen’s Association), […]

Left Green Perspectives #31

What is Communalism?

The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism
by Murray Bookchin

Seldom have socially important words become more confused and divested of their historic meaning than they are at present. Two centuries ago, it is often forgotten, “democracy” was deprecated by monarchists and republicans alike as “mob rule.” Today, democracy is hailed as […]

Left Green Perspectives #29

History, Civilization, and Progress
Outline for a Criticism of Modern Relativism
by Murray Bookchin

Rarely have the concepts that literally define the best of Western culture–its notions of a meaningful History, a universal Civilization, and the possibility of Progress–been called so radically into question as they are today. In recent decades, both in the […]

Left Green Perspectives #28

Social Ecology: International Reports

Editors’ note:

After a year and a half hiatus, we are pleased to submit to our readers the reemergence of Green Perspectives. Over the past year, we have been deeply involved with writing projects for journals and books that did not fit the Green Perspectives format, as well as lectures, teaching, studying, and the like. For […]

Left Green Perspectives #27

Neither Left nor “Up Front” but Far Right

If the Green slogan “we are neither left nor right but up front” was ever meaningful, the increasingly notable emergence of an “ecological right” defines its bankruptcy conclusively. A political ecology that is dubiously conceived as a ideology that privileges the natural world over […]

Left Green Perspectives #25

European Reports

This issue of Green Perspectives is devoted to a series of reports: from a Russian eco-anarchist, a U.K Green, Italian social ecologists, and a German radical ecologist. They provide glimpses into how people in different cultural contexts are working with ideas familiar to North American social ecologists.

First, Sergey Fomichov, one of the […]

Left Green Perspectives #26

From Left to Right:
New Right Ideology as a Problem Facing Leftism Today
Introductory note:

The National Front in France, the Republicans Germany, the Freedom Party in Austria, the Vlaams Blok in Belgium–all these ultra-right, even fascist parties have gained startling electoral successes in recent European elections. In increasingly multicultural Western Europe, tensions […]