Updates and more views of Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street campaign, now in its third week, has inspired a wide range of commentaries, as well as like-minded events all across the US. Here are two somewhat contrasting views from commentators I trust. Arun Gupta of New York City’s Indypendent newspaper offers a positive outlook on this emerging movement’s potential to confront …

“Occupy Wall Street” & the Radical Imagination

A thoughtful commentary by anthropologist and social movements scholar David Graeber in The Guardian of September 25th. One good source of daily updates is the Reader Supported News website at readersupportednews.org. An excerpt: The form of resistance that has emerged looks remarkably similar to the old global justice movement: we see the rejection of old-fashioned …

Neoliberalism, Austerity & Participatory Democracy

Norwegian social ecologist Sveinung Legard has drawn our attention to his recent article on the New Compass website. In this piece, he aims to address some of the arguments raised in this blog last spring by writers who questioned whether it is still meaningful to raise demands for direct democracy in a period of neoliberal …

Ben Grosscup: Questioning “economic development”

It is time to question the ideology of job creation that holds sway in most discussions of so-called economic development… The real mark of economic health is not merely that firms in a given municipality are hiring. Economic health is when the basic economic functions of society make ours a healthier place to live – a place with less war, less disease, more ecological health and justice.

New French video on social ecology

Vincent Gerber reports:

“Floreal Romero, who lives in Spain, sent me this link to his lecture in France in June. Some of you have met him in Lisbon [at the international libertarian municipalism conference] in 1998… It’s interesting because in my opinion it is the first video in French about social ecology… !”


Popular Assemblies in Revolts and Revolutions

A new article by Norwegian social ecologist Sveinung Legard offers a thoughtful historical assessment of the re-emergence of popular assemblies in Europe this spring and summer: “These assemblies derive not only from the initiative of their protagonists but also from the history of the major revolutions in Europe from the 18th to the 20th century …

Nationwide strike and state repression in Britain

Written the day before the June 30th general strike, this article examines the rising repression against protests in the UK, the historical mindset that makes it possible, and how people are continuing to resist. British unions were predicting a walkout of as many as 750,000 people to protest budget cuts and drastic changes in the public pension system […]

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Assemblies & self-organization in Spain

Indignant and Organized: from 15-M to 19-J By David Marty By late June, when 250,000 people marched in Madrid, David Marty reports on ZNet, “15-May was no longer just the date of a protest, but also the name of a very organized movement with immediate demands as well as long-term political ambitions. The movement now …

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A new politics in Greece?

Social ecologist Peter Prontzos recommends a report on the continuing street protests in Greece, in response to the austerity plan passed by the Greek Parliament this week. The article explores some of the uncertainties, tensions and possibilities inherent in the Greek revolt. Excerpt: “Costas Douzinas, a law professor at Birkbeck, University of London, recently penned …

New from Argentina: “Anti-Capitalism for Beginners”

Just out in English from Seven Stories Press. The author, Ezequiel Adamovsky, was interviewed this week on ZNet. Here’s an excerpt:

“Initially, the idea came to my mind in 2002. At that time, after the rebellion of December 2001 in Argentina, I was very much involved in the Neighbors’ Assemblies movement. We had all sorts of amazing political debates there. Most people had the feeling that the old Left had little to offer. And yet, they were craving for radical ideas and actions. There was the sense that we were building a new kind of movement, but there were no ideas, concepts or doctrines to name it […]

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