FullSizeRender(2)The ISE online course Ecology, Democracy, Utopia introduces students to social ecology – an interdisciplinary body of ideas that examines social and ecological issues from a transformative and holistic perspective. Participants learn the foundations of social ecology and apply these insights to a variety of contemporary political and ecological problems, sharpening their understanding of the world while developing visionary ideas to change it. Through a combination of video lectures, readings, interactive forums, and weekly online discussion sessions, the course explores a broad range of interconnected themes:

•    What is Social Ecology?
•    Understanding Social Hierarchy and Domination
•    What is Nature?
•    Capitalism, Critique, Alternatives
•    Technology, Agriculture, and Society
•    Politics, Direct Democracy, and the State
•    From Protest to Social Transformation
•    Reconstructive Vision: Reclaiming Utopia

The course is available in two different formats. EDU Seminar is an 8-week seminar with weekly online classes; it is offered quarterly. EDU Flex is a self-directed course which features the same syllabus and materials without the weekly seminar; it can be started at any time.  The course fees are $100 and $50 respectively. To enroll, write us at social-ecology@mail.mayfirst.org.

Join us – we look forward to learning and changing the world together!