A New Politics

by Bob Spivey, ISE Board Member and SEEDS co-founder Recently I heard reports of Egyptians ordering pizzas for protestors in Wisconsin. Truly we are living in extraordinary times. If the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism had posed a challenge to the rational, universalist basis of the liberal democratic project, the protests sweeping the Middle East and …

Review: Social Ecology and Communalism

Social Ecology and Communalism by Murray Bookchin. Edited by Eirik Eiglad. Oakland, AK Press: 118 pages. ISBN 978-1-904859-49-9 [Available to purchase from AK Press] The American presidential election season has pundits and pollsters proclaiming “change” a primary factor in the minds of many voters. It’s little wonder that this stark period – marked by the …

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The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism (CH. 1)

For two centuries social revolutionaries have cherished the ideal of the “Commune of communes” as part of their vision of a future liberatory society. Ever since the Great French Revolution of 1789, they have dreamed of creating decentralized, stateless, and collectively managed “communes,” joined together in confederations of free municipalities.

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