2013: 8 Day Winter Intensive in Northampton, MA

2012 ISE Intensive, New York City


Thank you for your interest in the Institute for Social Ecology’s (ISE) 2013 Winter Intensive. The Institute strives to be an agent of social transformation; demonstrating the skills, ideas and relationships that can nurture vibrant, self-governed, and healthy communities.

The 2013 ISE Winter Intensive will take place from January 7 through January 14.

What is Social Ecology?

Social Ecology is an interdisciplinary philosophical perspective that weaves aspects of ecology, anthropology, and political theory. As a body of ideas, social ecology envisions a moral economy that moves beyond scarcity and hierarchy, toward a world that reharmonizes human communities with the natural world, while celebrating diversity, creativity and freedom.

The Institute for Social Ecology (ISE) was founded in 1972 as an independent institution dedicated to the study of social ecology and how it relates to fields such as philosophy, history, economics, the natural sciences, and feminism. Historically, the ISE has been a pioneer in the exploration of ecological approaches to community-based alternative technologies and urban design.  Affiliates have played essential roles in movements to challenge nuclear power, destructive biotechnologies, and global injustice.

The 2013 Winter Seminar

In the past year alone, we have seen millions of people around the world come together to resist a system they see as undemocratic, socially unjust and ecologically disastrous. We seek more democracy, a moral economy, an ecological society, and an end to all social injustices such as white supremacy and sexism.

This winter’s intensive brings together core faculty from the ISE with some of the best thinkers & activists from Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, as well as local organizers in the Pioneer Valley such as Nuestras Raices co-founder, Eric Toensmeier. Our mission is to empower students with theoretical analysis, historical knowledge, and tools to articulate their own visions of a free society.

Dates: January 7th – January 14th

Location:  Northampton Friends Meetinghouse Northampton, Massachusetts.

Tuition: $250 for the whole Intensive or $30 a class.

Scholarships: Available upon request

Reading: Click here

Application: To participate, please fill out the application below. We recommend that students have some familiarity with social ecology. There are plenty of articles about social ecology right here on the ISE website.

Click on the schedule below for a full-size version. This version is updated as of January 1st.
For more information, please email seminar@social-ecology.orgThank you!


What is Social Ecology/the Utopian Tradition:   Dan Chodorkoff (Blue)
What is Capitalism?/A Moral Economy:     Peter Staudenmaier (Green)
Democratic Movement Building:
  Brooke Lehman (Red)
Food Sovereignty:   Grace Gershuny & Eric Toensmeier (Orange)
Direct Democracy and Dual Power: Chaia Heller (Purple)
The Alter Left (History of the Left): Chaia Heller (Purple)
Social Justice and Climate Action:
  Brian Tokar (Yellow)
Solidarity and Accountability:
Hilary Moore (Teal)

Evening Events will include a Poetry Reading by Joy Ladin, a presentation on the Keystone XL Pipeline Blockade, a roundtable on debt, a concert by Ben Grosscup, a workshop on Identity Politics & Social Ecology and more!

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