Hilary Moore joins ISE Board

The Board of the Institute for Social Ecology is excited to announce that Hilary Moore has joined the Board as of our February, 2011 meeting. Welcome, Hilary, and thank you for your commitment to the ISE!

Hilary’s bio:

Hilary has been organizing around social justice issues in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004. She began working with displaced youth around gender and education issues and in the past two years, she has been organizing for Climate Justice. Hilary is one of the founding organizers of the Mobilization for Climate Justice-West, a grassroots alliance of advocacy, community-based, and direct action organizations in the Bay Area dedicated to keeping frontline communities at the forefront of the struggle while advancing community-led solutions. Currently she is working within the punk community around issues of gentrification as it affects the West Oakland area. This past December, Hilary finished a graduate degree with the Institute for Social Ecology, focusing on building collective practices of care within communities engaged in resistance and struggle.

Please also see Hilary’s Social Ecologist Profile.

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