Crisis as Catalyst: Discussion of the Revolution in Sri Lanka



We are gearing up for Part 2 of our discussion on the recent turmoil in Sri Lanka with Kanya D’Almeida and Quincy Saul. It is the next installment of our series on racial and environmental justice, facilitated by Kali Akuno. If you missed part 1, which focused on the historical background of the Sri Lankan crisis, it is now up on our YouTube channel. It was a fascinating initial discussion, and we’re excited to dig deeper.

Part 2 will take place next week, at 11:30am Eastern on Thursday, December 21. This session (“Ecosocialist Sri Lanka”) will focus on the future and what we can learn about the project of revolutionary, ecological change from the events in Sri Lanka. Register here if you haven’t yet to attend.

Our guests have also compiled some additional reading/viewing materials to prepare you with some other background context. We recommend taking a look at these prior to Thursday:

They have also compiled the following video/podcast materials:

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Bring your thoughts and questions to this rare and valuable discussion!