Below are some suggested readings that will provide greater background for the classes this week.

Foundations of Social Ecology — Chaia Heller, Dan Chodorkoff

  1. “Social Ecology – Towards an Ecological Humanism” by Dan Chodorkoff 
  2. “What is Social Ecology” by Murray Bookchin
  3. “Introduction: A Philosophical Naturalism” by Murray Bookchin in The Philosophy of Social Ecology
  4. “Thinking Ecologically” by Murray Bookchin in The Philosophy of Social Ecology

Building Dual Power & Revolutionary Movements — Katie Horvath, Kelly Roache, Mason Herson-Hord

  1. “The Communalist Project” by Murray Bookchin in Harbinger Vol. 3 No. 1— 
  2. “The Politics of Social Ecology” by Janet Biehl with Murray Bookchin
  3. “Casting Shadows: Chokwe Lumumba and the Struggle for Racial Justice and
    Economic Democracy in Jackson, Mississippi” Kali Akuno

Climate & Food Justice — Grace Gershuny and Brian Tokar

  1. Climate Justice and Community Renewal. Brian Tokar
  2. On Social Ecology and Climate Justice. Brian Tokar
  3. Organic Revolutionary. Grace Gershuny, Chapter 1.
  4. Land Grabs and Land Justice

Capitalism: Critiques and Alternatives — Peter Staudenmaier & Blair Taylor

  1. What is Capitalism? Peter Staudenmaier
  2. Seven Left Myths About Capitalism. Blair Taylor
  3. “Community Control, Workers’ Control, and the Cooperative Commonwealth” by Howard Hawkins 

Democracy in an Age of Crisis and Unreason — Saladdin Ahmed, Blair Taylor

  1. When We Lose the Ability to be Shocked, Fascism has Already Arrived. Saladdin Ahmed.
  2. Alt-Right Ecology: Eco-Fascism and Far Right Environmentalism in the U.S. Blair Taylor

Right Wing Climate Politics — Hilary Moore

  1. Burning Earth, Changing Europe. Hilary Moore

Feminism and Anti-Capitalism — Silvia Federici

  1. Interview with Silvia Federici