FullSizeRender(2)The ISE online course Ecology, Democracy, Utopia introduces students to social ecology – an interdisciplinary body of ideas that examines social and ecological issues from a transformative and holistic perspective. Participants learn the foundations of social ecology and apply these insights to a variety of contemporary political and ecological problems, sharpening their understanding of the world while developing visionary ideas to change it. Through a combination of video lectures, readings, interactive forums, and weekly online discussion sessions, the course explores a broad range of interconnected themes:

•    What is Social Ecology?
•    Understanding Social Hierarchy and Domination
•    What is Nature?
•    Capitalism, Critique, Alternatives
•    Technology, Agriculture, and Society
•    Politics, Direct Democracy, and the State
•    From Protest to Social Transformation
•    Reconstructive Vision: Reclaiming Utopia

View full syllabus here.

The seminar is available in credit and non-credit versions.  There are no assignments or grades for non-credit seeking participants. Students seeking college credit must complete additional course requirements and also register for the course through Castleton University. We also have a partnership with Goddard College where students can earn credit by enrolling in their low-residency BA program. The course is also available in a self-directed format, EDU Flex, that features the same materials minus the fixed time commitment of the  live seminar which can be started at any time.  The two versions feature the same materials and platforms, the key difference participation in the synchronous video seminar.  You can register for the self-directed version here.

The cost of the full seminar is sliding scale $100-$300; the self-directed version costs $50. The credited version of the course via Castleton University costs $975 (3 transfer credits). We try to make our programs affordable while also covering costs; payment plans and scholarships are available.

Students who are seeking credit must also  register with Castleton University. Please be sure to specify if you’re interested in the full seminar or self-directed version of the course, and credit or non-credit.  If there is no upcoming seminar, we can add you to a wait list to be notified when the next one is scheduled. Please note that registration is not complete until payment is received.

We look forward to learning and changing the world together!

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