Mass protests in WI against union-busting plan

Matt H. has traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in the widespread protests against the Republican Governor Scott Walker’s plan to cut the bargaining rights and benefits of public workers. Matt posted the photo below, taken earlier this morning (Saturday February 19th). He reports “People from all across the country have been calling in pizza …

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Consider the case of Wisconsin…

Brian T. commenting on Matt H.’s “Neoliberalism and the Politics of Social Ecology”: Right wingers continue to attack ‘big government’ and aim to drastically reduce its size while, with few exceptions, supporting the continuing build-up of the repressive apparatus. My question is whether it’s conceptually feasible to do the opposite: to support the safety net, …

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Site updates and article links

Please do comment and participate in discussion on posts to this blog. In particular, there have been and continue to be many thoughtful comments made in response to both Matt H’s “Neoliberalism and the Politics of Social Ecology” and Karl Hardy’s “Social Ecology Needs Development, Dissent, Dynamism” as well as J. Kelvyn Richards’ “A Social Ecology.” …

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Mobilization Website and Updates from Sacramento

For detailed reports from the Sacramento mobilization, June 20-25th, 2003, see the Indymedia Portland website. Additional images and updates are available from Biotech IMC.
Followup from Sacramento: Photos and Community Garden victory!

Z Magazine cover story: Countering Biotech and “Free Trade” in Sacramento

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Social Ecologist Profile: Mark Restall of London, England

Please introduce yourself (What kind of work you do, Where you live, etc.) Somehow – I blame the inescapable tyranny of linear time – I appear to have reached the age of 38. For the last 10 or so years I’ve lived in London. For the moment I can’t imagine living anywhere else (though I …

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