On Boston: The Inevitability of Vulnerability

From ISE board member and outstanding singer/songwriter Ben Grosscup: Boston Tragedy Reveals Inevitability of Vulnerability By Ben Grosscup Public acts of inexplicable and horrific violence such as what we saw

Ben Grosscup: Questioning “economic development”

It is time to question the ideology of job creation that holds sway in most discussions of so-called economic development… The real mark of economic health is not merely that firms in a given municipality are hiring. Economic health is when the basic economic functions of society make ours a healthier place to live – a place with less war, less disease, more ecological health and justice.

Mass Movement: Genetic Engineering becomes question of Democracy at Massachusetts Town Meetings

(This article was published by Gene Watch, Volume 20 Number 3 May – June 2007. http://www.gene-watch.org/genewatch/volume20.html) Since the year 2000, in many parts of New England — especially Vermont, Maine,

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The Vote Fallacy: Strategically Advancing Radical Politics in the 2004 Elections

While election seasons are widely seen as times when the polity practices politics, this is an illusion; electoralism that accepts the premises of representative democracy is conceptually distinct and incompatible

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