A Jaywalking Manifesto

A manifesto of urban theory drawing on Bookchin, Lefebvre, and Harvey that examines jaywalking as a form of urban class warfare.

Social Ecology, Kurdistan, & the Origins of Freedom

Reflections on a recent visit to Turkey and North Kurdistan. Many Kurdish revolutionaries describe their struggle as one of organic society against authoritarian society and have forged a unique role in the continuing evolution of human freedom.

New book reviews and an interview

Reviews are starting to come in for the recent books by Brian Tokar and Dan Chodorkoff that were profiled here:

• The Swiss Ecologie Sociale website has reviewed both books (in French)

• has reviewed Toward Climate Justice

New books from Dan Chodorkoff & Brian Tokar

From New Compass Press in Norway, a new collection of Dan Chodorkoff’s essays, The Anthropology of Utopia, plus a revised and expanded edition of Brian Tokar’s Toward Climate Justice.  Both available in September; review copies now available from New Compass: THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF UTOPIA Essays on Social Ecology and Community Development By Dan Chodorkoff How […]

The return of “scientific” racism

Alan Goodman, a professor at Hampshire College, co-director of the American Anthropological Association’s Understanding Race project, and long-time friend of the ISE, has posted a review on of a disturbing new book by New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade, which aims to revive long-discredited theories proposing a biological basis for racial divisions among […]

New book on participatory evolution

Counterpunch this week features an interview with molecular biologist James Shapiro, whose new book, Evolution: A View from the 21st Century, seeks to offer a comprehensive view of current work in evolutionary biology and concludes that concepts of innovation, self-organization, and self-directed evolution have now overtaken traditional Darwinian views of evolution driven by random mutations. […]

August 2012 Social Ecology Colloquium

Invitation and Call for Papers: Social Ecology in the Occupy Movement 6th Annual Summer Colloquium Institute for Social Ecology Marshfield, Vermont, August 17-19, 2012 Application/Registration Deadline: June 1, 2012  (details below) Contact: The Institute for Social Ecology invites you to attend our 6th annual summer colloquium. ISE colloquia offer the opportunity to gather with an international […]