Commune, Council, Party: Marxism and Direct Democracy – New Class Starting Dec. 14

This 10-week course on Marxism and direct democracy will put Marxist political thought into conversation with social ecology, to wrestle with the challenging problem of the political form the class struggle should take.

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A People’s Green New Deal: Critical Interrogation of a Radical Proposal

Join us for a 3-part lecture series critically examining the Green New Deal with Max Ajl, author of A People’s Green New Deal. The series will critically interrogate the capitalist-oriented Green New Deal currently being proposed by liberal and progressive forces throughout North America and Europe.

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Conspiracy Theory as a Substitute for Social Critique: Peter Staudenmaier, NOV 17 2 PM (EST)

On Wednesday, November 17 at 2 pm EST historian and ISE faculty member Peter Staudenmaier will give a presentation that explains why conspiracy theories offer false analyses of the social problems we face, and typically suggest problematic rather than emancipatory political solutions.

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