About the Institute of Social Ecology

What is Social Ecology?

1: a coherent radical critique of current social, political, and anti-ecological trends.

2: a reconstructive, ecological, communitarian, and ethical approach to society.

Social Ecology advocates a reconstructive and transformative outlook on social and environmental issues, and promotes a directly democratic, confederal politics…


As an educational and activist organization, the ISE is committed to the social and ecological transformation of society. We believe that every revolutionary project is an educational project and work to sustain radical movement education in the US and around the world.


The Institute for Social Ecology has offered radical educational programs for fifty years. During that time, we have cultivated activists in the radical environmental movement, the feminist movement, the queer movement, the global justice movement, Occupy Wall Street, the climate movement, indigenous rights movements, Black Lives Matter, and many others.

Who We Are

The Institute for Social Ecology’s board, instructors, staff, and mentors are drawn from around North America and the world, with a wide array of different scholarly and movement backgrounds.

Global Allies

The ISE has partnered with a number of radical educational and movement organizations around the globe, whose work we ought to look to for transformative visions and practices.

Take Action

Start a study group, organize a neighborhood assembly, make a donation to the Institute for Social Ecology!