Audio & Video

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Video Clips:

2019 ISE gathering in Marshfield, Vermont (ISE YouTube channel)

  • Topics include Moving Beyond the Local, Politics of Disability, Global Resistance, speakers from Cooperation Jackson, Food/Ecology/Humans and Animals, and more.

Insurgent Campaigns and Building Movement Power – An Ecology of Tactics

  • From our 2019 Vancouver Intensive, a panel featuring City Councillor Jean Swanson and activists Shawn Vullliez and Derrick O’Keefe from COPE, the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

Trise Conferences, 2017 and 2019

  • Video and audio from the 2017 conference in Thessaloniki, Greece and the 2019 conference in Athens of the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology (Trise). Featuring talks by Dan Chodorkoff, Brian Tokar, Emet Degirmenci, Havin Guneser, Brian Morris and many others.

Dan Chodorkoff at McGill University in Montreal

  • From February 2018, speaking on the theme, “System Change not Climate Change – What it means in Trump’s America.”

Community, democracy and mutual aid: Toward mutual aid and beyond

  • Members of the Symbiosis Research Collective, including four present and past ISE board members, outline their strategy at the 2018 “Great Transition” conference in Montreal.

Oslo Ecological Challenges conference

  • Opening presentation by Brian Tokar, at the University of Oslo, September 2014.

Dan Chodorkoff on Education for Sustainability

  • Presentation at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark.

On the Origins of the ISE

  • Interview with Dan Chodorkoff from 2014, with French subtitles.

Floreal Romero on social ecology

  • Purported to be the first video on social ecology from France, from 2011.

Extended interview with Murray Bookchin

  • An exceptional 1993 interview with Doug Morris on the theme, “Visions of a New Society.” The first hour may be the best available discussion of the origins of Bookchin’s ideas about ecology, society and the revolutionary tradition.

Bookchin “Freiheit 21” archive on YouTube

  • A collection of approximately 65 video clips of Murray Bookchin and others, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s.  Site is linked to the Norwegian social ecologists’ New Compass website.

NYC Carbon Trading Protest

  • Calling carbon traders “climate traitors,” members of the Climate Crisis Coalition and Climate SOS gathered outside the 2010 NYC Carbon Trading Summit to demand an end to the market-based trading of greenhouse gas emissions credits and called for just solutions to the climate crisis. The climate justice activists risked arrest to voice their opposition to the financial trading giants at the Summit, including JP Morgan Chase & Goldman Sachs, comparing their carbon trading plans to those that caused the current financial crisis. Includes a presentation by ISE board member Brian Tokar.

Grace Gershuny at Rutgers University

  • Longtime ISE faculty member Grace Gershuny spoke on a variety of food and (organic) agriculture-related topics at Rutgers University. (It’s recommended that viewers download an updated free version of Microsoft Silverlight.)
  • Murray Bookchin speaking in San Francisco, 1985.

Murray Bookchin Video Biography

  • An excellent series of Murray Bookchin interviews conducted by Mark Saunders in 1995. The project was to explore the development of Murray’s politics through his personal experiences.

“Murray Bookchin Speaks Out”

  • Speech recorded February 8, 1990, McGill Univ., Quebec City, Canada.

“Anarchism Revisited”

  • Short clip from 2004 featuring Murray Bookchin. This interview was conducted more than 20 years after the filmmakers original “Anarchism in America” documentary featured footage of Bookchin.

Murray Bookchin interview

  • Clip from the “Anarchism in America” documentary film. Bookchin discusses the evolution of his political orientation.

Murray Bookchin speaks to Libertarian Party conference

  • Another clip from the “Anarchism in America” documentary film.

BioJustice 2007

  • default-3

    Various clips from BioJustice 2007 convergence held in Boston, MA. Features Brian Tokar of the ISE, Ignacio Chapela of the University of California-Berkeley, Luis Hena of the Tesuque Pueblo, Farjana Akter of Bangladeh, Mercedes Alvarez of Nicaragua, and others.

Audio Clips:

“Ecology and Ideology”

  • Speech made by Murray Bookchin during the 1970s. Clip posted by KPFA; the Bookchin talk starts about 5 minutes into the clip.

“Remembering Murray Bookchin”

  • Chaia Heller talks about her friend and mentor following his passing in July 2006.

“Activists Protest Biotech Foods in Boston”

  • Chaia Heller joins Amy Goodman as a guest on Democracy Now! to speak on the opposition to the biotech industry.

Vancouver: The Best Place on Earth”

  • Matt Hern, an associate of the ISE, with Charles Demers. Hern and Demers, both accomplished speakers, have arranged their criticisms and congratulations for Vancouver into an entertaining and engaging presentation that will challenge residents, activists, students, planners, wonks, urbanists and anyone interested in Vancouver’s future.

Note: the following clips are all hosted at the radio4all project:

“Social Ecology and Libertarian Municipalism”

  • Dan Chodorkoff on ‘Social Ecology & Libertairian Municipalism’ (part 5 of a 5 part series that aired on Vancouver Cooperative Radio)

Patents, Biopiracy, & Globalization”

  • Chaia Heller joins Andrew Kimbrell, Vandana Shiva and  others for a discussion. 2 part program.

“Carbon Trading, Pros and Cons”

  • Larry Lohmann, Brian Tokar, Amos Baehr on WGDR  radio. Two question the central role of carbon trading in responses to the climate crisis, and the third helped craft legislation in the  Vermont Senate which could be used for carbon trading.

“Conspiracy Theory as a Substitute for Social Critique”

  • Peter Staudenmaier delivers a  2+ hour talk at the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference in 2004.

“Nationalism Debate at Matches and Mayhem”

  • Discussion featuring Peter Staudenmaier, Mike Staudenmaier, Ashanti Omovali, and Cindy Milstein.

Responses to Climate Change: Radical Critiques and Utopian Alternatives”

  • This link includes some of the sessions from the  2011 North American Anarchist Studies conference in Toronto including the “Greening Anarchy” panel that included ISE Board member Karl Hardy who spoke on “Responses to Climate Change: Radical Critiques and Utopian Alternatives” with Usman Mushtaq.