Tribute to Bruno Latour (1947 – 2022)

Chaia Heller writes, “There is an exciting complementarity between Bookchin and Latour’s approach to understanding the nature of nature—and reality itself.”

“The Fallen,” by Chaia Heller

Tonight we were eating turkey burgers on our deck. The pooling heat of the day had drained, leaving behind an unexpected cool stillness that lured us gingerly back outside. I set the table for dinner, putting life into place, when all of the sudden: a thump. A soft landing of new life, warbling around in […]

Biotechnology, Democracy, and Revolution

Biotechnology is a question of power. It is a question about the power to decide what kind of technologies a society will use and for what purpose. In this way, biotechnology is linked to the broader question of political power and democracy. It leads us to think about how we, as a society, make vital […]

Revving It Up! The Revolutionary Potential of the New Anti-Globalization Movement

International systems of power are bursting out of the single-issue framework. Confronted by the exponential expansion and integration of new markets, technologies, regulatory bodies, and ecological crises, activists are turning to “globalization” as a way to talk about the increasingly totalizing dimensions of capitalist and state power. Globalization-talk reflects a nascent and potentially growing popular […]

Notes on an Ecology of Everyday Life

If I can’t dance in your revolution, I’m not coming. – Emma Goldman We need to rethink desire in social, rather than romantic or individualistic terms. This is crucial because, while our society offers us a variety of ways to describe the many dimensions of romantic and individualistic desire, we are offered a paltry vocabulary […]

Eco-cide in Women’s Bodies

As featured in Synthesis/Regeneration #3 (Spring 1992) For too long, feminism has lacked a global, ecological focus. In the 90’s, as reproductive technologies, fundamentalists, and ecological poisoning are on the rise, women’s health and self-determination around the world are on a steady decline. Thinking globally about women’s health is vital if feminism is to transform […]