Workshop details: ISE at the US Social Forum




Here are full descriptions of the ISE’s offerings at the US Social Forum:

False Solutions and Real Solutions to Climate Change

Thurs. Jun 24 2010 – 1-5 pm               Cobo Hall: D3-22

Cosponsored with the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities

Collaborating Organizations: Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Biofuelwatch, Rising Tide, Institute for Policy Studies (with ETC Group, Global Justice Ecology Project and others)

The challenge of global climate disruption has created new opportunities for corporate profiteering, marketing of “technofixes” and further commodification of the earth. Many of these “false solutions” will in fact worsen global warming and stand in the way of changes that must be made. Policies to market carbon and offset emissions, unproven and costly technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration (“clean coal”), “advanced” bioenergy, GMO “climate ready” crops, nuclear expansion, and natural gas as a “bridge fuel” are all examples of false solutions. Real solutions do exist! This workshop will begin with discussion of false solutions and their direct impacts on our communities, and then turn toward a collaborative and wide ranging discussion of genuinely renewable, community-centered solutions, rooted in the principles of climate justice. This is part of an ongoing effort to build a “People’s Vision” for U.S. climate action that is just, effective, realistic and potentially transformative.

1 – 2:10 pm: False solutions: Energy technology

Diane D’Arrigo (Nuclear Information and Resource Service), Rachel Smolker (Biofuelwatch), Kerwin Olson (Citizens Action Coalition/IN), Pat Mooney (ETC Group)

2:15 – 3:30 pm: False solutions: Carbon markets, offsets and policies:

Michael Dorsey (Dartmouth College), Daphne Wysham (Inst. for Policy Studies), Brihannala Morgan (Rising Tide NA), Maggie Zhou (Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities).

3:40 – 4:15 pm: Speak-out on real solutions.

Bring a summary of what’s happening in your community!

4:15 – 5:30 pm:  Wrapup panel:  Real solutions and ways forward

Howard Ehrman (Little Village Environmental Justice Organization), Emily Kirsch (Ella Baker Center), Edgardo García (Vía Campesina Nicaragua), Aaron Lehmer (Bay Localize).

From Climate Crisis to Collective Commons: Renewable Energy from Below

Fri. Jun 25 2010 – 1-3 pm               WSU Old Main: O134

Control over energy technologies and resources has long been a major factor in defining human power relations. In the current transition to renewable energy, social justice is far from inevitable and will only come about as the result of decisive collective action. If strategic steps are taken, the transition to renewable energy can offer an historic opportunity for communities to assume democratic control over their territories, resources and lives; to build more egalitarian relations of production and exchange; and to catalyze a global reawakening to the social and ecological importance of the “collective commons.” Join us in discussion with activists, theorists and community leaders as we look at new models for a just transition to renewable energy. Speakers will address the global threat of community displacement and exploitation by multinational energy corporations; the difference between “green jobs” and community / worker control over green industries; current models for community controlled energy projects, with a particular focus on Indigenous territories; legislative requirements for a decentralized and democratic energy system; and ideas for building a movement for collective commons around green technologies.


Kandi Mosset: Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network
Nikke Alex: Executive Director of the Black Mesa Water Coalition
Yvonne Liu: Senior Research Associate at the Applied Research Center
Deborah Groban Olson: Executive Director the Center for Community Based Enterprises

ISE Director Brian Tokar is also scheduled to speak on:

The Capitalist Roots of the Ecological Crisis
Weds. Jun 23 2010 – 1:00pm               WSU Manoogian: 112

with Joel Kovel, Terisa Turner, and Chris Williams.
Ecotopia or capitalist ecocide?
Fri. June 25 2010 – 3:30 pm             UAW-Chrysler Building: 1

with Richard Greeman, Victor Wallis, and others