Ruiz-Marrero: Civil Disobedience at the University of Puerto Rico

Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero, a research associate with the ISE, has been sending updates and resources for becoming informed on the happenings at the University of Puerto Rico:

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  1. The stories of civil disobedience, or action to claim human rights, which involve a minority, and especially a privileged minority, continue to invite police and/or army action that is designed to abuse and intimidate and humiliate the protesters. Demonstrations leading to riots concerning student fees have now become common across the world, from Puerto Rico to the UK.
    If one wants to bring about significant changes to an unjust government, then one has to pay attention to what is going on in Tunisia, and Egypt. Large sectors of the population have to take action directed against the government elites. The action has to be continuous and direct and guided by the sort of government actions desired by the population. Terrorist action may be shocking, but cannot be successful as it involves only a few and is often enacted by those who see themselves as ‘rejected’ and living in a hostile world.

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