Ruiz-Marrero’s “Organic and Beyond” in Counterpunch, etc.




Honoring the memory of ISE co-founder Murray Bookchin who would’ve turned 90 today…

  • Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero, a Research Associate with the ISE has an article “Organic and Beyond” in today’s edition of Counterpunch.
  • Information about the 2011 Z Media Institute has been made available. The Z Media Institute was founded in 1994 and recent faculty have included current ISE director Brian Tokar as well as Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay, Chip Berlet, Michael Bronski, Noam Chomsky, Rosa Clemente, Ron Daniels, Brian Dominick, Sean Gonzalves, Ria Julien, Mandisi Majavu, Cynthia Peters, Justin Podur, Lydia Sargent, Stephen R. Shalom, Marie Trigona, and others.
  • AK Press, publisher and distributor of radical books and other materials, has published a Top 10 list of their Best-Selling Titles from 2010.