Bike Caravan from St. Louis




About the Flying Rutabaga Cycle Circus:
We are a group of concerned bicyclists, puppeteers, musicians, farmhands, clowns, cheerleaders, activists, eaters of food and drinkers of water. We are united in a quest to seek out food (thats our fuel) that is not tampered with by biotechnology corporations. We ride for diversity, organic farming, and biojustice everywhere!

And our mission is to CARAVAN ACROSS THE CORNBELT!

DEPARTURE: May 19, World Agricultural Forum, St. Louis, MO.
ARRIVAL: June 19, Biotechnology Industry Organization Convention, Washington, DC

Lets make one thing clear, this is not a ride for sport. This is transport. We will move approximately 40-50 miles a day, while carrying loads of puppetshows, musical instruments, and other gear that we will need for survival. But most importantly, we are carrying a message to the people and to Washington to say to say, “Stop Playing With Our Food!” Everyone knows that Monsanto’s former execs now sit pretty in the FDA. We challenge them to a food fight!

Did we mention we are also a circus? YES!

The Flying Rutabega Circus Review!

We are members from the Puppetual Motion Cycle Circus, Liberty Cabbage Theater Revival, and a few more clown coalitions, who together comprise a rag-tag ensemble of circus acts, puppet shows, jugglers and musical numbers. Join in on the low-tech, high-energy, rough-and-tumble action that will spring up in unlikely places: street corners, farmers markets, farms, community centers, the steps of your city hall, or the National Mall. We’ll also offer lectures, debates, panel discussions and workshops for the heady and information hungry.

Want to Get Involved? Contact us at:

We are looking for bike riders, performers, farmers, and activists to join our merry caravan!

We also need contacts in the places we’ll be passing through. If you are between St. Louis and DC, let us know how you can help with housing, food, or arranging a performance.

We propose to help farmers along the way, as well as connect with bicycle groups and help advocate the internal combustion that comes from happy digestion.

Lets Ride for Real Food!