Biodev 2002 Report Back




Lucy Sharratt, formerly of the Polaris Institute (now director of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network), compiled a detailed report on the accomplishments of bioJUSTICE/bioDIVERSITY 2002:

The gathering aimed to further the biojustice movement by:

Broadening the issues addressed and analysis engaged in biotech resistance.
Engaging new communities of people across sectors of society.
Developing concrete action strategies for the short and long term.

The gathering also aimed to directly challenge the industry convention BIO2002 (June 9-12 Toronto) and the biotech industry agenda.

These goals were achieved in various ways through the gathering.

This report aims to highlight just some of the strategic achievements and priority issues brought forward through the gathering – the bioJUSTICE teach-in and bioDIVERSITY picnic and family fair – and suggest ways forward…

Lucy’s report contains a full list of sponsors, a detailed summary of the various teach-in sessions, and review of the weekend’s accomplishments. The full contents are available at: