Biodevastation 2000 workshops




Biodevastation 2000 Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be in Shillman Hall unless otherwise noted.

Friday 2:30-4:00
Prospects of Human Genetic Engineering Rm. 135 Sophia Kolehmainen, The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG), Marcy Darnovsky, Techno-Eugenics

Genetic Reductionism Rm. 220 Ruth Hubbard & Martha Herbert, CRG

Dealing with the Media Rm. 210 Mark Floegel, Vermont Public
Interest Research Group, the Ruckus Society

GMO Food & Health Issues Rm. 305 Ricarda Steinbrecher, Econexus, UK

Meeting Facilitation Skills Rm. 315 Skip Spitzer, Pesticide Action Network (PANNA)

Movement Building Rm. 415 Anne Petermann, Orin Langelle,
Native Forest Network (NFN) and ACERCA

When Labeling Is Not Enough: Radicalizing the GMO Debate
Rm. 420 Chaia Heller, Institute for Social Ecology, University of Massachusetts

The UK Movement: Resistance to Corporate Agribusiness and Genetic Engineering Rm. 320 Georgina Griffiths, Genetix Snowball, UK, Luke Anderson, Totnes Genetix Group, UK

Responding Organically: Food, Shelter, Warmth, and Community by Nature�s Book Rm. 215 Jonathan von Ranson, NOFA, Massachusetts

Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life Rm. 335 Mike Dorsey, University of Michigan
Jonathan King, MIT and CRG, Beth Burrows, Edmonds Institute

Saturday 2:15-3:45
Disability Activism and Biotechnology Criticism. This workshop will address questions of inclusivity in the anti-biotechnology movement
Rm. 420 Beth Burrows, Edmonds Institute Gregor Wolbring, University of Calgary

The Precautionary Principle Rm. 315 Lee Ketelson, Clean Water Action,
New England, Joel Tickner , Lowell Center for Sustainable Production,
University of Massachusetts

Biotechnology and the Environment Rm. 335 Ricarda Steinbrecher, Econexus, UK

Genetic Engineering and Animals: Ethics and Public Policy.
Rm. 135 Alix Fano, Committee for Responsible Transplantation, Marti Crouch,
Indiana University, Representative of the Animal Defense League

Globalization and Consolidation in the Life Industry Rm. 240 Hope Shand, Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI)

Wresting Control of Our Seeds from the Corporate Behemoths Rm. 105 CR Lawn, FEDCO Seeds

The Story of rBGH Rm. 320 John Kinsman, WI dairy farmer, National Family Farm Coalition, Lucy Sharratt, Sierra Club of Canada

Transforming Fear into Humor with Pie Throwing and Enjoying Desert Rm. 220 Dave Pike, aka Agent Creamy Genes, Biotic Baking Brigade- Nor�eastah Irregulators. Pie will be served

Biotechnology as a Feminist Issue: From Reproductive Technologies to the Patenting of Women�s Local Knowledge Rm. 305 Chaia Heller, Institute for Social Ecology, University of Massachusetts

Where is the Debate? Nanotechnology and the Movement Towards a Post-Ecological Society Rm. 215 Chris Rottler, Institute for Social Ecology

Saturday 4:00-5:30
Spiritual Resistance: The Role of the Sacred in Defending the Earth Rm. 415 Roger Gottlieb, Professor of Philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

How to be an Effective Activist Rm. 315 Nancy Oden, Citizens for a Livable
Environment in Alliance with Nature (CLEAN)

Genetically Engineered Trees Rm. 305 Orin Langelle, NFN and ACERCA,
Mick Petrie, NFN, Alvaro Gonz�lez Gervasio, World Rainforest

Mad Cow Disease: the 21st Century Plague? Rm. 220 Mike Gregor, MD, Farm Sanctuary

Biotechnology Regulatory Issues Rm. 420 Skip Spitzer, PANNA, Charlotte
Arnold Christin, Center for Food Safety

The New World Order and Biotechnology Rm. 240 Mitch Cohen, New York Green Party

Reconstructing Food Systems: Strategies for Kicking Capitalism Out of our Food Rm. 335 Erin Royster, Institute for Social Ecology (ISE), Andrea del Moral,
Bioengineering Action Network (BAN) and ISE

Terminator Technology Update Rm. 135 Hope Shand, RAFI, Marti Crouch,
Indiana University

Direct Action Network Spokescouncil: A model for organizing Rm. 320 Direct Action Network, Institute for Social Ecology

From Skull Wars to the HGDP: When Genetic Science Becomes Racist Science
Rm. 105 Alan Goodman, Professor of Anthropology and Natural Sciences, Hampshire College, Debra Harry, Executive Director, Indigenous People�s Council on Biocolonialism, Evelynn Hammonds, Science and Technology Studies, MIT

Sacred Circle to Share Information and Prophecies from Many Native Tribes as requested by Elders. Rm. 440 Lilia Adecer Cajilog, Seed Carrier of
momordica charantia (bittermelon)