Biodevastation Midwest Conference – May 15th

Join us on May 15th at the Biodevastation Midwest Conference:

STALKING THE BIOTECH TYRANT: Confronting Biorepression with Creative

Over ten workshops are designed to examine various aspects of Genetic Engineering and to invigorate us to share and create alternatives to biotechnology. The Gateway Green Alliance is sponsoring this gathering, which will be held at:

Nerinx Hall, 530 E. Lockwood Ave. in Webster Groves, MO
May 15, 9:15 A.M. until 5:30 P.M.

Regular price tickets are $15 if ordered by May 8th. Low income and half
day tickets are also available. For more information call (314) 664-1199
or visit our website.

Dr. Martha Crouch will be the keynote speaker, and she will be discussing
the potential dangers of Genetic Engineering to the environment and to
personal health, and our alternatives to it. She studied Botany at Oregon
State and went on to get a Ph.D. from Yale in Developmental Biology. She
then worked at Indiana University for twenty years as an Associate Professor.
There, she became a pioneer of Genetic Engineering (GE). Her lab was very
successful, yet she realized her work was not fulfilling her love of
nature. She says,

“GE technology doesn’t have any place in sustainable agriculture. Besides
the personal health and environmental dangers of GE foods, the dependence
on specialists and scientists required by GE was a problem. Unfortunately,
to ignore the affects of GE on agriculture is not really a luxury that we
can afford right now.”

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