June 21st Day of Action info.




From Philadelphia RAGE (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering):

Biodemocracy Summer Solstice Day of Action
June 21, 2005

As the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) holds their closed-door convention in downtown Philly, educated citizens will gather in the streets with puppets, music, and solidarity to expose the harmful effects of the biotechnology industry and plant seeds to rebuild our communities and cultivate health, peace, justice, freedom and sustainability.

9 am :: 16th and Race Streets :: Breakfast

�Food Relief not Corporate Subsidies!�
We invite everyone to join us for a free breakfast outside of GlaxoSmithKline�s National Headquarters at 16th and Race Sts. We will expose GlaxoSmithKline for:
� Fraudulently accepting thousands of dollars donated for the tsunami relief effort, without providing the survivors with the vaccines they were promised.
� Preventing seniors from access to affordable medicines through Canadian pharmacies.
� Suing the South African government for supplying affordable medicine to people with AIDS.
� Distorting the results of scientific research for the sake of profits.
� Testing on animals and knowingly producing toxic drugs.

11 am :: Participatory Street Theater Marches

Solstice actions will continue with a multi-themed participatory street theater march. Each of three parades will weave through the city, voicing our demands for quality healthcare, community-based agriculture, and an end to bioweapons proliferation. The three different marches merge at LOVE Park.

1. Healthcare for All: Depart from GlaxoSmithKline Headquarters, 16th and Race St.
2. Environmental Justice and Sustainable Agriculture: Depart from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regional Headquarters, 1650 Arch St.
3. Bioweapons and War: Depart from Washington Square (6th and Walnut)

Each march has a different color theme:
Healthcare :: Blue
Agriculture :: Green
Bioweapons & War :: Red

12 pm :: Rally at LOVE Park (15th and JFK)

As the parades combine, citizens will rally, rearrange our puppet mascots, and depart as a unified group towards the Convention Center.

6 pm :: Converge again at LOVE Park

A festive rally will be held at LOVE Park, followed by a parade to the Philadelphia Art Museum, the location of BIO�s evening gala.