Reclaim the Commons Festival!




Saturday, June 18th, 10 AM to 2 PM, Clark Park, 43rd St. and Baltimore Ave., West Philadelphia

The BioDemocracy convergence will kick off with an open-air festival to celebrate the diversity of nature and our local communities. The Festival will bring together organic farmers, community gardeners, alternative health practitioners, artists, musicians, families, and activists from near and far to share knowledge, give-aways, food, fun and skills!

The Festival is likely to include the following specific elements … and much more!

Green Circus ( ::: Saving the planet one clown at a time, the Green Circus is a collective of multi-disciplined artists who perform THE CLEANEST SHOW ON EARTH! This free show is performed in a magical, multi-sensory circus tent which offers the audience a glimpse into a world that is ecologically sustainable. Through multimedia, audience interaction, acrobatics, trapeze, and live music, the circus, which is for audiences of all ages, will illustrate easy, simple solutions to creating cleaner air, water, and land.

Really REALLY Free Bazaar ::: The biotech industry buys, sells and patents our genetic and natural resources in the name of “free trade”. However, it is clear to us that their so-called “free trade” is a code-word for a war on democracy, people, and the planet. In response, we proclaim that a really FREE market is possible. A place in which we are truly free to give, receive, and to work on our own terms. Where we can fulfill our needs by working together, in communities that values both cultural and ecological diversity. We call for individuals and groups to organize bazaar “booths” that contain performances, creative events, items to barter and give away, and other activities that express our visions of a better world.

Farmers Speak-Out and Market ::: In our fast-paced, post-modern age of fast food and packaged produce, the voice of local organic and family farmers is overrun by the high-priced spin of corporate agribusiness and biotech profiteers. Yet small farmers continue to struggle and survive! This farmers speak-out and market will create a forum in which independent, sustainable and non-corporate farmers can give voice to their experiences, and market their produce, to a supportive public!

Stay tuned for more details.