New from Argentina: “Anti-Capitalism for Beginners”




Just out in English from Seven Stories Press. The author, Ezequiel Adamovsky, was interviewed this week on ZNet. Here’s an excerpt:

“Initially, the idea came to my mind in 2002. At that time, after the rebellion of December 2001 in Argentina, I was very much involved in the Neighbors’ Assemblies movement. We had all sorts of amazing political debates there. Most people had the feeling that the old Left had little to offer. And yet, they were craving for radical ideas and actions. There was the sense that we were building a new kind of movement, but there were no ideas, concepts or doctrines to name it…

“Even if activists in Europe and the US immediately felt that the Argentinean rebellion was part of a global phenomenon, people in Argentina, initially, had almost no idea that similar movements were taking place elsewhere, and that other people were already discussing the same problems and having to face similar political challenges. I felt that I had the responsibility to communicate all those ideas to the people who were struggling with me in the streets. As horizontal organizing was one of the main principles of the rebellion, I felt I had to make all those ideas accessible for people with little education and sometimes no previous political experience.”

Full interview at There’s also an extended excerpt from the book, with extensive illustrations, at