Libertarian Municipalism events in Geneva

Vincent Gerber reports from Geneva that the city’s annual “Anarchist Week” events will run from Tues.-Sat., December 6-10, and will focus on Murray Bookchin’s concept of libertarian municipalism, a social ecological strategy for confederal direct democracy, rooted at the municipal level. Full details are at

Schedule highlights:

Tuesday, 12/8: Film showing: “Ici et Maintenant” (Here and Now), followed by a book presentation and café discussions.
Weds., 12/9: Film on struggles in Oaxaca, Mexico, with discussions to follow.
Thurs., 12/10: Presentation on the political and philosophical visions of Murray Bookchin, followed by discussions and music.
Fri., 12/11: Presentation on libertarian municipalism, focusing on direct democracy, citizen associations, confederation, and models of social governance, with discussions and music.
Sat., 12/12 (afternoon session): Discussion and debate on the potential for bringing this strategy to Geneva’s Jonction neighborhood; film on the urban comune of Spezzano Albanese in southern Italy; free dinner and music.

Background materials are available at the website of the bookstore, Fahrenheit 451, at

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  1. There was a good participation most of the days (between 30 to 50 people). I was there on Thursday and Saturday and there’s a record of my presentation of Bookchin downloadable at
    People were interested. Most of the people in the audience didn’t know of Bookchin’s thought.
    Unfortunately the record of Friday’s debate on libertarian municipalism has been lost.
    On Saturday, the concrete example of Spezzano Albenese in Italy was presented and the discussions focused around that. We were something like 20, less than the other days, and this was certainly because of the popular festival in Geneva, the “Escalade.”
    I wrote a few things in French about my views on these days:

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