OWS video thanks supporters




… with an inspiring review of the events of the past month, highlighting the voices of some of the people of many different backgrounds who have put other parts of their lives aside to help sustain Occupy Wall Street since mid-September. A few of us from Vermont were in NYC this past weekend to participate in a host of Occupy-related events, including the action at Duarte Park, the 10th anniversary of the lockout of the Charas-El Bohio community center on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, an immigrant rights march from Foley Square to Zuccotti Park and a very large strategy and long-range visioning conference at Pace University. While people in New York are confronting many of the internal problems that movements invariably struggle with as they begin to dig in for the long haul, it is still very clear that the Occupy movement has changed New York, and continues to change the way we think and talk about politics and economics everywhere.