“Failure of the Green Economy”




The German group, Bundeskoordination Internationalismus (, has just published a new critical paper titled After the Failure of the Green Economy. This comes at an important time, as delegates from around the world are readying to meet in Rio de Janeiro for the 20th anniversary of the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development. Unfortunately, the planning for “Rio +20,” as it has been dubbed, appears to have been overtaken by corporate interests, and critical observers report that the entire conference is likely to become an exercise in greenwashing by major polluters.

The BUKO group’s 10 theses on the green economy can be downloaded here.  Additionally, Rachel Smolker, the US contact for Biofuelwatch, has offered several additional sources on the anticipated problems with Rio +20 and its focus on a “green economy” that aims to strengthen “market mechanisms” rather than challenge capitalism:

Biofuelwatch briefing on one of the “poster child” examples, the UN “Sustainable Energy For All Initiative.”

Global Forest Coalition report on “Bioeconomy”

La Vía Campesina campaign against the commodification of nature

Update on negotiations around the conference text: “Deleting our rights, bracketing our future.”