New Book & website: Public Health and Social Justice

From Martin Donohoe, a Portland, Oregon medical doctor and long-time supporter of efforts to expose the hazards of GMOs:

His website contains a vast archive of articles, slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in more than 30 key areas of public health and social justice.

Regarding Dr. Donohoe’s book, Dr. Paul Farmer (University Professor and Chair, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; co-founder of Partners In Health) writes:

“In this ambitious text, Dr. Martin Donohoe intertwines literature across disciplines and genres to demonstrate economic, political, and historical etiologies of diseases that are commonly—and fatally—misconstrued as purely biological in origin. Students and professionals will find this is a useful, accessible primer on the contentious social landscapes that distribute disease unequally within and across societies. . . In this reader, Dr. Donohoe endeavors beyond analysis to impart his impassioned suggestions for moving closer to the vision of health equity to which he has dedicated his admirable career”

Major sections include:

Human Rights, Economics, Poverty and Health Care, Women’s Health,  Food: Safety, Security, and Disease, Environmental Health, War and Violence, Corporations and Public Health, and Achieving Social Justice in Health Care through Education and Activism

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