Eric Toensmeier’s new book project





We were hesitant to post a Kickstarter link here, but glad to make an exception for Eric Toensmeier’s new, pioneering book project.  The working title is “Carbon Farming: A Global Toolkit for Stabilizing the Climate with Tree Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices.” If you’ve ever attended a class of Eric’s at the ISE or elsewhere, or visited his and Jonathan Bates’ spectacular permaculture homestead in Holyoke, Mass. (described in this recent book), you know that Eric is on the leading edge of permaculture practice, and a passionate advocate for social-ecological transformation.

This book is the culmination of Eric’s last several years of research and travels, focusing on how perennial crops and regenerative farming practices help stabilize the climate by sequestering carbon both in plant matter and in soils. It’s not about carbon offsets or other such gimmicks, but rather about how communities around the world can both feed themselves and aid in climate stabilization by utilizing a wealth of long-hidden knowledge about perennial plant polycultures and their unique ecological properties.  Support the project if you wish (be warned that payment of your pledge will go through Amazon’s servers), but don’t hesitate to check out Eric’s video and photos describing this important, path-breaking work!