Coming in August: ISE’s 40th Birthday!


 Help celebrate 40 years of radical education, community organizing, land-based learning, and revolutionary visions of the future with the Institute for Social Ecology:

When:  August 15-17, 2014

Where:  Marshfield & Plainfield, Vermont

Cost:  Sliding scale of $150-$250 for the weekend, or whatever you can afford.

See below for tentative schedule and registration information.

We will bring together veterans of ISE programs past with students and young radicals who continue carrying on and improving our vision.  Come join the fun and help the ISE continue to raise less (GMO) corn and more (capitalism-smashing) hell!

The weekend will feature panels, readings, presentations and intergenerational dialogue on topics including a history of the ISE, radical movements from Seattle to Occupy, transforming the food system, education for a free society, theoretical explorations, and what’s next for social ecology.  We’ll also be showing a video by Paul McIsaac, and screening a trailer by Joe Bookchin for the new Murray Bookchin documentary.

Panelists and presenters include Dan Chodorkoff, Peter Sills, Blair Taylor, Brooke Lehman, Negesti Cantave, Matt Leonard, Grace Gershuny, Brian Tokar, Bea Bookchin, Joey Klein, Joseph Keifer, Erin Lingo, Kathleen Kesson, Bob Spivey, Martin Kemple, Chaia Heller, Peter Staudenmaier, Peter Prontzos, Damian White, Eleanor Finley, and others…maybe you??

All this and a public dance party fundraiser at the Plainfield Town Hall on Saturday night!

Delicious healthy meals, including a big outdoor barbeque, will be catered by Charlotte Faulstick.

** Please bring your  stories of amusing experiences or adventures at the ISE, favorite quotes from Murray Bookchin, and updates on how you have brought the ideas of Social Ecology into your life and work. If you cannot join us, please send us a message about your own activities, thoughts and vision for Social Ecology.  We will share it – written, video or audio – with the group and post it on the web site (unless you request otherwise). **

Contact us at to support or cosponsor this event, help make it happen, or just get back in touch with the Institute.  Camping space is available – Here is some information on other possible accommodations for the event.


Please pre-register if you are coming!  Download this registration form and email it to

Tentative schedule for the ISE 40th anniversary:

Friday, August 15th

1-3 pm   Arrivals

4-5:30    Welcoming circle

6 pm      Dinner

7:30        ISE History presentations & slides – Dan Chodorkoff & Brian Tokar

8:30       Videos by Paul McIsaac (Occupy & nonviolence) and Joe Bookchin (trailer for forthcoming Murray Bookchin documentary)

Sat., August 16th

8 am            Breakfast

9:30-11        Social Ecology & Education panel, convened by Kathleen Kesson

11:15-12:45  Theory panel, convened by Bea Bookchin

1 pm           Lunch

2-3:30        Seattle to Occupy: Movement Legacies panel, convened by Blair Taylor

4-5:30       Food Systems panel, convened by Grace Gershuny

6 pm          Dinner

8 pm          Celebration at the Plainfield Town Hall, with video, Cajun music and more!

Sun., August 17th

9 am           Breakfast

10-10:45     Reading: Peter Sills from his new book, Toxic War, on the legacy of Agent Orange

11-12:15       Future of Social Ecology panel, with Eleanor Finley and Negesti Cantave

12:15 pm     Lunch and group photos

1:30-3 pm   ISE Annual meeting


2 Responses to Coming in August: ISE’s 40th Birthday!

  1. Ben-Zion Weiss July 25, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    CONGRATULATIONS! What an important discipline this is for our times. I did my PhD in Social Ecology a few years ago at the University of Western Sydney where Stuart Hill was the founding professor and I recently set up a blog/website called ‘Social Ecology Sydney, Spiritual Ecology and Universal Sufism’ on which I wrote a short introduction to my journey into social ecology.

    Please check it out

    In peace,

  2. Marc Bédard August 23, 2014 at 8:12 pm #

    In 1977 I heard a review on a community radio in Québec City. It was Murray Bookchin’s “Pour une société écologique” published in France by Christian Bourgois editor. I was so taken by this review I had to get the book, which I did. Furthermore in the foreword to that french edition which was a compendium of Murray Bookchin’s writings throughout the years in magazines and such, there was an address: Institute of Social Ecology, Goddard College, Vermont. 3 years later I finally ended up at Goddard College to see for myself what the hell it was all about. I was flabbergasted by the level of thinking and innovations brought forward by the Institute and had the opportunity to spend a night with Murray Bookchin at the cafeteria in August 1980, which was a great honor and pleasure, for Murray Bookchin had also a love affair with Montreal to some extent, being published over there. I also met amoung other great people John Todd and and his wife Nancy Jack Todd of the New Alchemy Institute.
    My one week stay at Goddard and the Institute are still among my most important and precious memories of my life. I ended up my stay at Goddard and ISE by travelling to Yukon with Elaine Hanson who was a student that summer coming from up north. This remains forever a great moment.

    Marc Bedard

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