Call to support Kurds under attack in Syria




Urgent Call

International People’s coalition against ISIS – for Kobanê – and for humanity!

On the 15 September 2014 the ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê (Arabic: Ayn Al-Arab) in Rojava/Northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. As the ISIS was unsuccessful on the two previous occasions, they are attacking with larger forces and want to conquer Kobanê.

In January this year, the Rojava Kurds established local administrations in the form of three cantons. One of the three cantons formed is Kobanê. The Turkish border is to the north of Kobanê and all the other sides are surrounded by ISIS-controlled territories. ISIS have approached the Kobanê borders, using US made heavy weapons. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are threatened by the most brutal genocide in modern history. The people of Kobanê are trying to resist using basic weapons against the most brutal attacks of ISIS terrorists, with only the assistance of People’s Protection Unit in Western-Kurdistan YPG and YPJ, but without any international help.

Therefore an International People’s Coalition against ISIS –for Kobanê – and for Humanity is vital.

ISIS  has powerful and wealthy backers

The attacks on Kobanê are part of a general plan aimed at the annihilation of the political power of the Kurds in Rojava, North Syria. ISIS gangs have been supported in this by the Turkish military, both logistically and politically.  Turkey’s ultimate plan is the Occupation of Rojava Kurdistan by forcing international pressure to create a buffer-zone in the region. The precondition of establishment of a buffer zone/no-fly zone is emptying Kobanê of people. And destroying the self-administration established by the Kurds over the past two years.

The so-called international coalition to fight ISIS, which came into existence following a NATO summit in Wales on 4-5 September,  have not intervened despite witnessing the ongoing genocide committed against Kobane. They are not launching airstrikes on the location under ISIS attack around the Kobanê region. This approach of the international powers is leaving hundreds of thousands of Kurdish civilians at the mercy of ISIS and confronted with a fast approaching genocide in Kobanê.

Some of the countries in the coalition are among financial and military supporters of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and especially the Turkish government are partly responsible for letting the ISIS-terrorists gain power. The ISIS was able to accumulate the necessary financial resources undisturbed – and managed to recruit more and more jihadists from all over the world.

Therefore an International People’s Coalition against ISIS –for Kobanê – for Humanity is vital.

The Background and the Truth

The establishment of the democratic autonomy in Rojava was a  Kurdish response to the ongoing chaos and crises in the Middle east, particularly in Syira. The Rojava Experiment is based on people’s democracy. In addition to Kurds, this initiative includes all other people, also Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and Turkmens. Amongst these groups there are diverse faiths including Muslims, Christians, Yezidis and Alevis. It is a model which practises unity in diversity.

The secular, non-sectarian, democratic achievement in  Rojava is not an initiative that any major regional or global power wants to see succeed inside Syria or indeed anywhere in the region for that matter. It is a democratic revolution more fundamentally challenging than the Arab spring ever was.  The non-sectarian politics itself are a challenge to the powers that prefer to maintain order by fomenting and exacerbating sectarian divisions. ISIS has much in common with existing state leaders; its sectarianism is simply an extreme version of common everyday politics in much of the Mideast.

The Aim

Turkey and the global players are striking at the Kurds with ISIS, aiming to remove the democratic autonomy status gained by the struggle of the Kurdish people, and in this way they seek to become influential in shaping the politics of Syria and the Middle East. The principal aim of the ISIS attacks are to destroy the alternative system of democratic autonomy that had come into being in Rojava. If the world wants democracy in the Middle East, it should recognise the democratic autonomy in Rojava. Democratic autonomy in Rojava promises a free future for all peoples in Syria. In this regard, the “Rojava experiment” -which has existed now since July 2012 – is an absolutely vital development.

Act Now

It is high time therefore to give Turkey and the global players the reason to believe otherwise.

Be part of the International People’s Coalition against ISIS – for Kobanê – and for Humanity! Act now!

Go to Kobane and be part of  humanity’s resistance.