Scarcity, post-scarcity and community after the Italian earthquake




Our good friend and past ISE intensive participant Federico Venturini writes from the University of Leeds in England, where he’s finishing his dissertation on revolutionary social movements in Rio de Janeiro.  You can follow Fede’s blog at; which also features some photos from the recent Ecological Challenges conference in Oslo:

I am very pleased to inform that the paper Scarcity, post-scarcity and local community: L’Aquila as a case study that I co-authored with Ersilia Verlinghieri has been published on Planum, the Journal of Urbanism in a special issue in collaboration with SCIBE, titled WITHIN THE LIMITS OF SCARCITY: RETHINKING SPACE, CITY AND PRACTICES.

You can find the entire special issue here and our paper here (free download).

In our paper, starting from a social ecology perspective, we analyze the effect of the shock economy on the city of L’Aquila produced by the management of the 2009 earthquake. Furthermore, we present two grassroots initiatives as direct democracy examples and reconstructive models, the Assemblea Cittadina (Popular Assembly) and the Comitato per la Rinascita di Pescomaggiore (Committee for the Rebirth of Pescomaggiore).

Full citation:  Venturini, F. and Verlinghieri, E. 2014. Scarcity, post-scarcity and local community: L’Aquila as a case study. Planum. [Online]. II(29),  pp. 51-69. [2.10.2014]. Available from: